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Available Surveys

Fall 2015 Housing Preference and Roommate Survey Instructions

Complete the survey as soon as you have been offered a room - If you have completed your survey and your preferences change, please email cowarts@tc3.eduDO NOT FILL OUT A SECOND SURVEY.

Please read all of the information below BEFORE completing the survey.

All residents must complete the survey.  The survey should take 15-20 minutes to complete. You will need your student ID number located on your housing confirmation letter to complete the survey.  This information is confidential and will only be used for room assignment purposes. A campus map is available if you need it to help you complete the survey.

Themed and Specialized Housing Options are communities where students have the opportunity to live with others with similar interests. If interested, go to Themed and Specialized Housing Options for more information describing the options listed below:

  • First-Year Experience Floor
  • Academic/Major Floor
  • Substance Free Floor
  • Quiet Living Community Floor
  • Non-Gender Designated Housing

Break Housing

Students who need to stay in the residence halls during ANY of the semester breaks must select break housing on the survey. 

There are two types of break housing:

The first type is full semester break housing; this will allow you to stay for any and all of the following times: from the end of the 2015 summer semester until fall opening (or any early arrival before opening), Thanksgiving, all of winter break, spring break and anytime from the end of the 2016 spring semester closing until the start of the 2016 summer semester.  That is, anytime between August 2 - 23, 2015 up until May 26, 2016.  The cost of this housing is an additional $300 per semester.

The second type of break housing is selected when you only need to stay for a maximum of ONE break per semester. The cost for this housing is an additional $100 per semester.


If you plan to be on a TC3 athletic team, you will probably be here for at least one break period and should select break housing on the survey because you need to be assigned to a break housing building even if you only need break housing one of the two semesters.  Athletes and others who are ‘required’ to stay for a break will not be charged for this period.

Requesting Roommates

You may request a specific roommate on the survey; however, that person must also be confirmed for a room and must also request you. If you do not have specific roommate requests, you can search Facebook for “TC3 Roommate Connection” to meet other incoming students and potential roommates. We will do our best to honor your requests, but please keep in mind there are no guarantees regarding roommate or residence hall preferences.

If you require special housing accommodations due to a disability or medical issue, contact the Coordinator of Access and Equity Services at 607-844-8222, ext. 4283.  Accommodations might include assignment to a particular building or apartment or availability of specialized equipment.  Appropriate documentation of disability or medical issue will be required.

Take the survey.

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Spring 2015 Room Damage Charges Dispute

Please fill out the Room Damage Charges Dispute form to dispute any apartment and room damage charges. You must complete this form before June 12, 2015.