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GPA Recalculations Policy

The Recalculation policy provides students with a one-time opportunity to discount coursework from their academic record. Its purpose is to help the student meet the 2.0 GPA and earned/attempted ratio requirements for graduation.

To be eligible for a GPA Recalculation, students must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Student has not previously been granted a Recalculation (GPA Recalculation or Internal Transfer)
  • Student’s cumulative GPA and/or earned/attempted ratio has been below the minimum standard for the last two semesters
  • Student has changed his/her academic program
  • Only courses that are not required in the new (current) program will be discounted. Grades of F or WF will automatically be discounted and grades of D (D-, D, D+) must be requested for discount


  • Each student must fill out the GPA Recalculation Petition (available at CCTS)
  • Grades of D (D-, D, D+), AW, WF, MW which the student wants discounted must be specified on the petition
  • Student must meet with the Registrar to submit and discuss the petition (Recalculation Petitions will be processed on an ongoing basis.)
  • The Registrar will check that the student and all course work are eligible for discount
  • Registrar, by signature on the petition, attests that the student and course work are eligible for discount and sends the petition to the Academic Dean for a decision
  • Upon approval, the Registrar will discount the grades and attempted credits for the approved coursework from the students academic record

If the petition is granted the student should be aware of the following:

  • The Recalculation may only be granted once
  • Student will lose credits toward graduation for discounted grades of D (D-, D, D+)
  • All course work and grades will remain on the academic transcript
  • Transfer schools may recalculate the GPA and not discount courses
  • This Recalculation is VOID for Honors determination
  • The Recalculation does not change academic status