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Director of Residence Life & Judicial Affairs

Regular Hours

Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
CLOSED on days the college is closed
phone: 607.844.6589

Residence Life &
Judicial Affairs Office
24 Farview Drive
Dryden, NY 13053


Note: All mail to residential students should be addressed to their Residence Life Address.

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Theme Floors

We offer the following types of specialty housing that you can select on the Housing Preference and Roommate Survey.

First-Year Experience – involvement and are geared toward the needs of first-time college students.

Academic/Major Floors – Floors that are available for students who are interested in living with others who are in similar classes or share a major.

Substance-Free Community – While alcohol and drugs are prohibited on campus, this floor provides students an environment where their peers/guests will not encourage any use of these substances or come to the floor under the influence. (All halls are alcohol and smoke-free.)

Quiet Living Community – This floor will have extended quiet hours to provide a study-focused area.

Emerging Scholars – This is a community for students who are looking for more peer and academic support, motivation, and transitional help in being successful in college. This floor is designed for students who are taking or have taken pre-college courses such as RDNG116, ENG099, MATH090 and/or students looking for extra support.

Break Housing – For students who will need to be on campus during all break periods when the college is not in session e.g., Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break, break housing is available so that the small number of students on campus will be housed together. Break housing does cost more; see the housing contract for details. Students who know they will need to be on campus for even one break should also indicate this on the survey. There is an additional cost for this as well.