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Online Resources for Help with Emotional Challenges

Half of Us – a site for students about mental health issues.

Stress Management and Emotional Wellness

Depression and Suicide

  • "It Gets Better"– especially for LBGT students. The IC gang in the Park school decided to bring a bunch of students, faculty, staff, and even the President, together to tell people who are struggling with identity or isolation issues that “It gets better.”
  • The Trevor Project
  • Suicide Warning Signs - Warning Signs and What To Do
  • Trauma - Effects and What To Do

Eating Disorders & Body Image

Our Stories

Carrie Burlingame-Powers

Carrie Burlingame-Powers

Making college work for her

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Farm to Bistro. The future of food is not in a box. It’s in the dirt. It's in a real kitchen with real people. And it tastes incredible.

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