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New Exhibit at Tompkins County Public Library Features TC3 Student Work

September 24, 2014

A new exhibit on display at the Tompkins County Public Library features work done by a digital photography class at Tompkins Cortland Community College. Montage Histories: Tompkins County, New York through Photographs 1864-2014 features images of sites in Tompkins County, both as they appeared in the 1860s and how they look today. The exhibit, which is part of the celebration of the sesquicentennial of the Tompkins County Public Library, runs now through December 30. An opening reception will be held Friday, September 26 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the library at 101 East Green Street in Ithaca.


The show features the work of students in Assistant Professor Harry Littell’s Spring 2014 Advanced Digital Photography class. Littell, who is the chair of TC3’s photography program, had students create photomontages that combined historic photographs of significant buildings, places, and landscapes with current ones they took of the same locations. The students chose archival images from the History Center in Tompkins County, found and photographed the same view, and then combined them in a montage that highlighted aspects of the past in a contemporary context.


Twenty-three pieces of work are on display as part of the exhibit at the library. An exhibit catalogue was created featuring these images and additional pieces created by Littell and his students. The catalogue also includes descriptions of each image, providing a historical narrative as well as details on each featured location. The text in the catalogue was researched and written by Bret Leraul and Christine Yao, graduate students at Cornell University’s Society for the Humanities.

The catalogue is available for purchase online at

Examples of the artwork on display
Photo by Cassidy Backus
Photo by Cassidy Backus

Photo by Jennifer Rose Hoyt
Photo by Jennifer Rose Hoyt

Photo by Cassidy Backus
Photo by Cassidy Backus

TC3 Students Honored by SUNY Chancellor

April 8, 2014

Three Tompkins Cortland Community College students have been recognized with the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence by the State University of New York. Cheyenne Gorton, Audrey Kate Ordway and Taylor Policay were among the 274 students honored by SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher at a reception in Albany this month. Gorton is a Lansing High School graduate and a hotel and restaurant management major; Ordway is a Dryden High grad and a nursing student; Policay is from Lansing High and is a sport management major. Each is scheduled to graduate from TC3 in May.

The ceremony also served as an opportunity to honor 68 members of the Phi Theta Kappa All New York Academic Team 2014. Two TC3 students were named to the third team; Policay and Mario Zaja. Zaja is an Army veteran who is majoring in liberal arts and sciences: math/science major.

“Students honored with the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, and those recognized by Phi Theta Kappa, truly embody the power of SUNY,” said Chancellor Zimpher. “As proven leaders and role models, scholar athletes, creative artists, and civic volunteers, each student is recognized not just for academic achievement, but also for the profound impact they have on college campuses and local communities across New York State. Congratulations to the Tompkins Cortland Community College students being recognized.”

The Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence was created in 1997 to recognize students who have best demonstrated, and been recognized for, the integration of academic excellence with accomplishments in the areas of leadership, athletics, community service, creative and performing arts or career achievement.

Each year, campus presidents establish a selection committee, which reviews exemplary students. Nominees are then forwarded to the Chancellor’s Office and are subject to a second round of review. Finalists are then recommended to the Chancellor to become recipients of the award. Each recipient receives a framed certificate and medallion, which is traditionally worn at commencement.

The Phi Theta Kappa Award Ceremony recognizes outstanding community college students throughout the state that are members of Phi Theta Kappa, an honor society that recognizes and encourages scholarship among two-year college students. In addition to academic achievement, recipients of the award are also evaluated on their leadership and community service involvement, and are named members of the All New York Community College Academic Team.

Photo of Chancellor Zimpher, Cheyenne Gorton, and TC3 Dean of Student Life Amy Trueman

Photo of Chancellor Zimpher, Audrey Kate Ordway, and Dean Trueman

Photo of Chancellor Zimpher, Taylor Policay, and Dean Amy Trueman

Fall 2013 Dean's List Announced

Tompkins Cortland Community College has released the Dean’s List for the Fall 2013 semester. Provost and Vice President of the College John Conners announced a total of more than 500 students have received the honor. The Dean’s List recognizes matriculated students who have demonstrated high academic achievement by attaining a GPA of 3.5 or better while completing at least 12 credit hours during the semester. For part-time matriculated students, they are eligible each time they complete a block of 12 hours with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Fall 2013 TC3 Dean's List

New York


  • Jennifer L Peckman


  • Mark J Viviano


  • Joanne M Hickok


  • Ashley M Craig


  • Jonathan D Mosher-Arnold
  • Frederick R Semenza


  • Leandra M Brink
  • Daniel F Gage


  • Dori B Biata


  • Lillian V Kuhn
  • Angela K Lewis
  • Steven J Tompkins

Blodgett Mills

  • Katrina L Yarboro


  • Mara Mayfield

Bovina Center

  • Sarah M Hetterich


  • Shardaire N Barnes
  • Michael D Batista
  • Timothy C Thompson


  • Jeremiah Dickens
  • Danielle M Guidici
  • Jennifer M Johnson
  • Ruth E Kull
  • Laura S Rivet


  • Amanda L Domachowske


  • Zachary M Babcock
  • Cassidy L Backus


  • Justin M Isham
  • Kellie M VanEtten


  • Jay A Arthur


  • Zachary M King

Central Square

  • Mary E Larkin

Chenango Forks

  • Krista M Rozelle


  • Desiree J Bushnell
  • Allysa M Medler

Clifton Park

  • Caitlyn R Juliano


  • Brittany M Miller


  • Ashley E Shafer


  • Timothy J Aagaard
  • Andrew J Adsit
  • Erica S Alden
  • Joshua F Allen
  • Aaron M Bach
  • Bethany L Badman
  • Margaret T Bilyeu
  • Sara Blackerby
  • Lorie L Breed
  • Emily Bryan
  • Stacey M Butler
  • Danielle J Casterline
  • Joshua Compagni
  • Chelsi M Compton
  • Erin M Coolidge
  • Dean R Corbin
  • Zachary T Dann
  • Devon L Darrow
  • Pedro N DelaCuadra
  • Breeanna L Dexter
  • Lauren A Drake
  • Wendy S Edwards
  • Claribel Ferrer
  • Aubrey A Frederick
  • Danielle M Gallagher
  • James V Giordano
  • Robert Goldsborough
  • Johnna Gray
  • Stacey L Green
  • Tina M Green
  • Dylan R Hess
  • Christopher M Hines
  • Jesse D Lafian
  • Julie Maricle
  • Taylor N Marrs
  • Terri L Maxson
  • Hannah A McGowan
  • Sarah C Morgan
  • Elizabeth Tiffany Moshkowski
  • Leslie A Patriarco
  • Brittany Lynne Pavlick
  • Lana B Pavlick
  • Sarah J Perreaux
  • Amber E Podolec
  • Jessica R Powers
  • Susan L Prier
  • Devon R Rainbow
  • Brittany N Randolph
  • Lacey A Ryan
  • Stacy L Sheppard
  • Robert William Sikora
  • Bethany C Simpson
  • Shawn C Smith
  • Shelley J Smith
  • Elisabeth A Sprague
  • Ethel Minyka Starks
  • Tamera L Stephenson
  • Dean Harold Strickland
  • Julianne T Thomas
  • Kathleen E Thomas
  • Stephanie K Tupper
  • Daniel J VanNess
  • Theodore Viglietta
  • Emily M Walker
  • David M Weber
  • Brandon L Wood
  • Heath A Woodruff

Cortlandt Manor

  • Peter Guzzo

Dix Hills

  • Megan Lown Ramalho


  • Lindsay E Bohemier
  • Matthew Bookhout
  • Anna Lee Bullock
  • Victoria Cain
  • John T Cannon Jr.
  • Michael J Clark
  • Teresa L Contessa
  • Jesse Cooper
  • Elizabeth L Davis
  • Shirley M Geddes
  • Shelly R Hall
  • Wendy Lyon
  • Melanie J McMillen
  • Amy N Moore
  • Elizabeth A Ninivaggi
  • Jonathan A Pamel
  • Jared T Reilley
  • Angela M Rozzoni
  • Jessica Lynn Scheftic
  • Allison K Seamon
  • Katherine E Simonet
  • Bethany L Steves
  • Dawn M Thornton

East Aurora

  • Elena Katherine Ciminelli

East Branch

  • Courtney B Jennings


  • Melissa Davoulas


  • Ashley A Dickinson
  • Wendy G Treat


  • Navjot Kaur


  • Jaime T Beach
  • Megan L Dornblaser
  • Epiphany A Munoz


  • Emily Alexander
  • Laurie D Cleek
  • Louisa G Cushman
  • Brandon Everhart
  • Emily Richard Horton
  • Brittany P Johnson
  • Alex M LaLonde
  • David R Lampman
  • Hannah Lormand
  • Chelsea L Maceda
  • Jeffrey P Meister
  • Spencer F Nicoson
  • Matthew P Phillips
  • Beth A Rockwell
  • Sara N Sinnigen
  • Katherine Street
  • Allison P Sullivan
  • Hannah H Tabb
  • Heather L Townsend
  • Mike S Warren
  • Hannah C Wildenstein
  • Rebecca L Woods
  • Rebecca C Yeager


  • Marcia L Beckley
  • Andrew Bertonica
  • Nicholas A Crans
  • Vanessa M Eastman
  • Ruthanne M Forehand
  • Sarah Beth Goyette
  • Kyle C Gunn
  • Levi Z Holl
  • Emilie M Holmes
  • Debra M Leonhardt
  • Alexander Leshkevich
  • Adonica I Mancuso
  • Mariah L Mitchell
  • Melanie Morton
  • Erin Ruth Neno
  • Rebecca E Pollack
  • Olivia A Proper
  • Scott Alexander Rush
  • Cassandra E Schoner
  • Tara L Scott
  • Tucker A Uhrovcik
  • Giulio Zampogna
  • Jay A Zhe


  • Shanna E Hazen

Harford Mills

  • Yuliya V Redko


  • Janine K Brown


  • Jaclyn S Allbright
  • Tammy S Anderson
  • Andriy Androshchuk
  • Gabriele Burhans
  • Todd D Dawson
  • John R Dean
  • Christopher Estep
  • Cheyenne Gaffney
  • Mandy J Gailor
  • Andrew J Gallagher
  • April M Harrington
  • Caitlin A Portzline
  • Christopher M Portzline
  • Matthew R Salisbury
  • Allyson L Strauf
  • Andras Tozser
  • Jeffrey R VanDusen


  • Andrew J Antwine
  • Christina E Bromka
  • Jesse I Messmer
  • Joshua C Messmer
  • Laurel A Pell


  • Keli B Auqui
  • Mearon A Azmera
  • Elizabeth A Bargar
  • Josephine Ann Beardsley
  • Jill A Blanchard
  • Myia Boda
  • Youngkeun Bong
  • Nola C Booth
  • Kara Brodsky
  • Rachel E Brous
  • Amanda C Burke
  • Brenna R Burlingame
  • Suzanne F Burnham
  • Parker E H Callister
  • Colleen E Carberry
  • Kathleen A Carberry
  • Margaret Carleton
  • Adam D Chafee
  • Phylicia E Christianson
  • Bomi Chung
  • Emily C Clark
  • Julie S Clougherty
  • Hansol G Coleman
  • Amber N Cowan
  • Brittni M Cowles
  • Rachel J Coye
  • Liam J Cullen
  • Sierra L Davenport
  • Jason D David
  • Colleen E DeFranco
  • Ahmet Talha Demir
  • Ian J Dezelan
  • Alexander O Dombrovski
  • Stephen Doria
  • Rachel L Dufresne
  • Courtney R Dupre
  • Michael BC Durfee
  • Kameron M Eddy
  • Sun Edwards
  • Carolyn M Eggleston
  • Andrew D Ferrier
  • Jennifer L Foy
  • Huanjue Fu
  • Ryan Gaygen
  • Robert Geiszler
  • Joseph G Glann
  • Sua Go
  • Audrey M Gombas Sanders
  • Iris Greenspun-Bee
  • Janina M Gunderson
  • Geoffrey PJ Hall
  • Brendan S Hammond
  • Kyoung Hee Han
  • Tahlia A Hanna-Martinez
  • Niels J Haralson
  • Caleb W Harned
  • Jessica L Havens
  • Ryan Hawthorne
  • Meghan A Hellwitz
  • Richard M Hendrick
  • Richard F Hilliard III
  • Peter J Holmes Jr.
  • William R Holt
  • Shari Hubbert
  • Minh N Huynh
  • Quentin A Jones
  • Jisang Kim
  • Myung-Hee Kim
  • Jeffrey Knight
  • Petros Koumis
  • Tak Hung Kwan
  • Thomas R Lange
  • Elizabeth Laughlin
  • Jung Jung Lee
  • Keisha M Lee
  • Anne E Levine
  • Serena L Lindahl
  • Gabrielle Long
  • Nikolas J Lopez
  • Robert A Lynch
  • Alexander Malkhasyan
  • Jeffrey R Marianni
  • Andrew C Maul
  • Eden M-P Mayora
  • Joshua M McGiff
  • Michael L Meigs
  • Lili Meng
  • Tenzin Menlek
  • Caleb W Monaghan
  • Zorica Mrden
  • Alexis L Myers
  • JohJuneSee Na
  • Amy Nakaranuruck
  • Samuel F Newman
  • Daniel J Norton
  • Andrew B Noyes
  • Nezha Oubella
  • Tenzin Palzom
  • Christen N Parker
  • Debra L Perlmutter
  • Julie Pesaresi
  • Rachel Peterson
  • Taylor M Policay
  • Jarrell Puryear
  • Peter P Puterbaugh
  • Sonya R Qamar
  • Jessica R Riggs
  • Sarah E Roberts
  • Joshua F Sanders
  • Lillian Shipman
  • Natalia Shishebarov
  • Allegra J Shortle
  • Jett A Shutter
  • Ana P Singh
  • Abraham J Smith
  • Zoe S Stewart
  • Luanne R Stockdale
  • Sean F Streb
  • Elizabeth C Toal
  • Jennifer A Tretter
  • Tammy Roskelly Turner
  • Brittany Brianna Tuthill
  • Beth A Vangasbeck
  • Tyler D Vaughan
  • Chloe Voorhees
  • Zackery H Weber
  • Curtis D Wells
  • Lydia S Wetzler
  • Vanessa Jane Wikel
  • Nathan P Williamson
  • Danielle Winterton
  • Monica D Woodward
  • Mario Zaja
  • Daniel Zamora
  • Xiaohua Zhu


  • Kijana A Benain

Johnson City

  • Rebecca A Seymour


  • Katrayla Blair


  • Joel R Newman


  • Toni L Gray


  • Aaron M Klein


  • Ashli M Carlton
  • Symphony A Doan
  • Diane M Duthie
  • Patrick J Flavin
  • Cheyenne M Gorton
  • Indigo S Holohan-Kantor
  • Joseph M Jones
  • Meghan K Judd
  • Gregory Lehr
  • Darlene J Marshall
  • Lance M McDermott
  • Nathan J Miller
  • Elizabeth P Myers
  • Mario A Rosetti
  • Jennifer M Shaben
  • Mackenzi E Shields
  • Nancy L VanWormer
  • Erin L Worsell


  • Fama D Ann


  • Janelle G Shafer


  • Valerie L Darling
  • Wendy A Hoose               
  • Cierra K Mincher
  • William V Morgan
  • Troy A Osterman
  • Michael P Quigley
  • Eric H Seamans


  • Halsey A Huff


  • Andrew L Hotchkiss


  • Karen M Barry
  • Ashley P Braman
  • Olivia A Hersey
  • Brent M Icenogle
  • Crystal G Jenney
  • Chad R Lawrence
  • John D Leyburn
  • Ashley J McCracken
  • Kayla R Morley
  • Robert William Stewart


  • Stephanie Marie Ashe

Mc Graw

  • Danielle A Greenman
  • Thomas Bradley Preston
  • Samantha Lorraine Ackley
  • Jerika Dellow
  • Steven Hernandez
  • Jeanna N Newby
  • Alexander J Tongue
  • Stephanie L White


  • Kimberly A Foster
  • Ryan J Thayer


  • James A Centeno


  • Amanda L Clark
  • Nicole F Miles
  • Thomas E Slabowski


  • Logan D Eltz

New City

  • Christian L Jacques
  • Breanna E Hodge
  • Kenya E Ponder

Newark Valley

  • Courtney Elaine Coombs
  • Tracy L Johnson
  • Makayla L Pirger
  • Jessica L Stewart
  • Emily S Williams


  • Kaysee N Bachelor
  • Marissa K Cutter
  • Megan L Gatch
  • Jean C Germosen
  • Samuel Hernandez
  • Frederick W Leigh Jr.
  • Abigail E Mann
  • Dana A McCord
  • Emily L Miner
  • Danielle Parker
  • Samuel A Schmidt
  • Tonya M Ward


  • William J Wentz


  • Joshua Brucker


  • Brianna K Mayo
  • Leah C Wise


  • Kara M Church
  • Alexander D Jones
  • Amy L Moesch

Oyster Bay

  • Seanna Burke

Penn Yan

  • Rachael A Robak


  • Godffrey N Lucas


  • Brian R Thornton


  • Codee M Grant
  • Jennifer E Redenback


  • April J Armstrong
  • Samantha A Robinson
  • Torri L Titus


  • Kyle A Cute


  • Noah J Ufholz

Sandy Creek

  • Hannah M Foederer


  • John J Kriegelstein

Sharon Springs

  • Cyle Conley


  • Britnee J Borba

Smithville Flats

  • Marie E DeJager

South Wales

  • Catherine Lusardi


  • Kimberly N Banta
  • Connie A Clasby
  • Abby M Fitch
  • Janice M Harmon
  • Norma J Jayne
  • Maya L Patt
  • Katherine L Race
  • Courtney A Rupert
  • Andrew L Taylor
  • Kathy J Vail


  • Alex S Marks


  • Nashennia T Heath
  • Julianne M Knittel
  • Ashlie R Sarazin


  • Diane Marie Achilles
  • Christina A Bennett
  • Lyndsey J Broadfield
  • Megan R Carey
  • Ariel M Dunnam
  • Laura Leanna Green
  • Dezra R Hamilton
  • Eric A Lupo
  • Ashley S Percey
  • Richard J Piotti Jr.
  • Kathleen M Shay
  • Tracy Ellen Vesley
  • Benjamin N Wright
  • Courtney L Wright


  • Rayne Whalen Perry
  • Megan K Poole


  • Kaitlyn E Sullivan

Van Etten

  • Ashley Montgomery
  • Andrew R Wilson


  • Kayla M Graham


  • Julie L Steinmetz


  • Hunter G Feasel


  • Olivia N Newman


  • Alexis S Moussavizadeh


  • Peter L Dodge

Whitney Point

  • Michaela A Sutton


  • Maria Askew
  • Josiah D Auble
  • Jasmine D Bustle
  • Robia J Klock
  • William J Perkins



  • Emma Silen


  • Landon Bernas



  • Bridget C Conlon



  • Allen M Hansen


North Las Vegas

  • Steven M Gallegos



  • Courtney E Dienner


  • Dennis J Atiyeh II



  • Amanda M Gibbins



  • Diana C Ceja


  • Shengyang Lou
  • Sandra Wan Mei So


  • Emma J Magre


  • Natalia Serrano Montero


  • SeokWoo Ha
  • Soojin Kim


  • Omer Enes Demir


  • Momoko Hasegawa


  • Mathieu G Renard


  • Johann Jose Alvarado Quispe
  • Nestor Fernando Mancilla Valverde


  • Giada Buttiglione


  • Mercy Lizeth Berrios Martinez


  • Andres Enmanuel De La Rosa Batista

TC3 Named Military Friendly School

September 10, 2013

Tompkins Cortland Community College has again been named to the Military Friendly Schools® list by Victory Media, the premier media entity for military personnel transitioning into civilian life, has named. The 2014 Military Friendly Schools® list honors the top 20 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools in the country that are doing the most to embrace America’s military service members, veterans, and spouses as students and ensure their success on campus. It’s the second straight year TC3 has been named to the list.

“Inclusion on the 2014 list of Military Friendly Schools® shows Tompkins Cortland Community College’s commitment to providing a supportive environment for military students,” said Sean Collins, Vice President at Victory Media and a nine-year Navy veteran. “The need for education is growing and our mission is to provide the military community with transparent, world-class resources to assist in their search for schools.”

The Military Friendly Schools® media and website, found at, feature the list, interactive tools and search functionality to help military students find the best school to suit their unique needs and preferences. The 1,868 colleges, universities and trade schools on this year’s list exhibit leading practices in the recruitment and retention of students with military experience. These schools have world-class programs and policies for student support on campus, academic accreditation, credit policies, flexibility and other services to those who served.

Now in its fifth year, the 2014 list of Military Friendly Schools ® was compiled through extensive research and a data-driven survey of more than 10,000 schools nationwide approved for VA tuition funding. The survey results that comprise the 2014 list were independently tested by Ernst & Young LLP based upon the weightings and methodology established by Victory Media. Each year schools taking the survey are held to a higher standard than the previous year via improved methodology, criteria and weightings developed with the assistance of an Academic Advisory Board (AAB) consisting of educators from schools across the country.

ABOUT Victory Media Inc

Victory Media is a veteran-owned small business that has been serving the military community since 2001. The data-driven Military Friendly® lists are published in G.I. Jobs, Military Spouse, Vetrepreneur media channels, republished in periodicals like USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg BW, and are frequently cited on national TV by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and others.

TC3 Faculty Member Selected for Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Fellowship

November 13, 2013

Tompkins Cortland Community College faculty member Christine Guest has been selected for a prestigious fellowship through the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation, the charitable arm of the organization that administers the Emmy Awards. Guest, an assistant professor of communication and media arts, was one of just twenty faculty members nationwide chosen by a selection committee to come to Los Angeles for five days of discussions, presentations, and interactions with major studios, production companies, the networks, and their top production and programming people. The seminar, which is paid for by the Foundation, is November 11-15.

Guest is the only community college faculty member nationwide chosen and one of just two from New York (Rebecca Taylor of Siena College being the other). “I am honored to be selected as one of this year's fellows. It is a privilege to collaborate with such well-respected faculty from colleges and universities across the country,” said Guest. “I am excited to learn new industry secrets and techniques that I can share with my students. I hope this will also open more paths for employment for our graduates.”

The fellowship will also give Guest the chance to network in the heart of the film and TV industry, which she says will pay dividends for her students. “This opportunity will give students even more access through the Hollywood course here at TC3,” she said. TC3’s popular “Film & TV Research On Location: Hollywood” course, which is led by Guest, includes a trip to Hollywood, where TC3 students are given the chance to learn, and sometimes work, behind the scenes of some of TV’s biggest shows and on the sets of major film studios. While in California for the seminar, Guest will visit with former students working in the field, thanks in part to their participation in the Hollywood class and the connections they made while students at TC3.

TC3 Professor Honored for Book on High School Dropouts

June 14, 2013

A new book authored by Tompkins Cortland Community College professor Jeanne Cameron has won two national awards. Canaries Reflect on the Mine: Dropouts’ Stories of Schooling has won the 2013 Outstanding Publication Award from the Narrative Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association and the 2013 Book Award of The Society of Professors of Education.

Canaries Reflect on the Mine: Dropouts’ Stories of Schooling is about high school dropouts from the Cortland City School District, based on interviews with 12 such dropouts. Cameron, a two-time SUNY Chancellor’s Award-winning sociology professor, was inspired to research this topic based on personal experience. “Two of my son’s friends dropped out of school,” she said. “These two didn’t fit the stereotype of a high school dropout, and I became interested in what would cause kids that aren’t what we traditionally consider ‘at risk’ to drop out.”

Cameron began working on the project in 2008, and used a sabbatical from TC3 in 2009 to do in-depth follow ups with seven of the original 12 young people. The stories of those seven individuals became the heart of the book.

“I found themes that were consistent with each of the young people,” said Cameron, noting each felt like they weren’t known well by the people at the school and that certain categories of students were treated differently. She said they also did not feel any meaningful purpose to going to school. “They weren’t interested in what they were required to learn and didn’t see a use for what they were being taught. They felt like school was waste of time.”

Interestingly, these same themes were shared by students Cameron spoke to who completed their high school degrees. “We shouldn’t just be worried about dropouts,” Cameron said. “High school graduates are also getting short changed, and the problems identified are in no way unique to Cortland High School. They are a result of ‘reforms’ that have mandated a one-size-fits-all educational experience and that have robbed teachers and administrators of the flexibility needed to be responsive to individual students.”

Canaries Reflect on the Mine: Dropouts’ Stories of Schooling is written in a conversational style designed for a wide audience. It’s published by Information Age Publishing, and the cover was designed by John Sinsabaugh, a graduate of TC3’s graphic design program.

The book is available through Amazon.

TC3 Celebrates 44th Annual Commencement

The archived webcast of the ceremony is available online. The processional begins about nine minutes into the video, which starts after two short ads.

May 23, 2013

Cherish the friends you have made, pay back the faith that has been shown in you, and celebrate your accomplishment. Those were some of the messages delivered to the class of 2013 during commencement ceremonies at Tompkins Cortland Community College Thursday. The College celebrated its 44th commencement in front of a packed crowd of more than 2,000 people in the College's gymnasium.

The class of 2013 includes 725 graduates, including student trustee Jacqueline Matza, who offered the student address. The broadcast journalism major talked about the friendships she has made during her time at TC3. “Whether it’s getting close to your advisor, roommate, or that kid that sits next to you in psych, the bonds that we’ve all made here will never be broken," she said. "When we look back at our lives, TC3 will be a tiny little bridge that helped us in so many ways. We grew, both in education and in maturity, and that’s something to be proud of."

The main address came from Dr. Randol Contreras, a 1994 graduate of TC3, who is now a faculty member in sociology at California State University-Fullerton. He told the students about his youth, surrounded by drugs while growing up in New York City. He talked about how going to school wasn’t the first option for people in his neighborhood, and leaving his neighborhood for Central New York wasn’t an easy decision. “Eventually I was convinced,” he said. “It was perhaps the best decision of my life.” When he came to TC3, he wasn’t sure what to expect. “What I found was unbelievable support of students,” said Contreras, noting Professor Scott Ochs in particular. “He showed that he believed in me. He told me he expected great things from me. And he suggested a career in academia. At the time, I didn’t know what the word meant, but I knew it was good. It was the first time I thought I could be something.”

Contreras, ended his remarks by urging the graduates to appreciate the value of their public education. “When I think about all my accomplishments, it all was possible due to public institutions, and it all started at this great public institution, TC3,” he said. And in a symbolic coming of full circle, Contreras told the graduates he believed in them, just as Professor Ochs had told him the same thing years ago. “I have faith in you. I have faith that you now have the intellectual tools to make it happen. Congratulations.”

TC3 President Carl Haynes was the last speaker. "You have achieved this wonderful milestone in your education and life, and you have done it at a college that doesn’t just trumpet excellence, we hold you to the toughest standards in the state," said Haynes, who talked about the higher academic requirements TC3 established while this class was at the College. "You’ve met that challenge. You’ve lived up to and in many cases exceed the standards of excellence our faculty and administration have set for you. You achieved. You succeeded. You are in rare company. And for this, you are to be congratulated."

President Haynes also praised the graduates for their well-rounded education. "You have sharpened your skills in the classroom,” he said. “You have developed leadership skills, through student activities and by participating in athletics and community service. You have worked in collaboration with your peers and your faculty, on study abroad trips to other countries, on projects presented to national science boards, on issues of sustainability, equality, diversity, and governance here on campus. You have engaged as a member of the community, supporting local food drives, volunteering in local shelters, raising money to fight cancer. You have done more than fulfill the requirements of a degree – you have earned an education.”

TC3 to Add Two New Degree Programs

The Tompkins Cortland Community College Board of Trustees has approved the addition of two new associate in applied science (A.A.S.) degree programs: Culinary Arts and Sustainable Farming and Food Systems. Each will be sent to SUNY and the New York State Education department for final approval. If approved, each program will begin enrolling students for the fall 2014 semester.

The two new programs will be closely partnered, with an on-campus farm providing a real-life classroom for students studying sustainable farming and food systems, while also providing crops for students in the culinary arts degree program. The sustainable farming and food systems program will teach the skills involved with planning, growing, and marketing a diverse crop mix of sustainably grown food while working closely with local food retailers, restaurants, and the TC3 cafeteria to provide an outlet for the farm’s produce. The program should appeal to students with diverse career goals and will be customizable based on those goals: Students wishing to become farmers may choose course such as marketing, management, and pest control; while those wishing to work more broadly with community groups in advocacy positions can take courses that emphasize social issues, ecological relationships, and ethical considerations.

The culinary arts program is designed to provide students the strategies and tools necessary to operate an effective restaurant kitchen, hotel food and beverage outlet, catering company, or other food operation. Coursework will emphasize sustainable, healthy, and holistic practices, and will include experiential learning in the form of two classes where students will learn working in a local restaurant.

Several new classes will be created for the two new degrees, including three “Food Systems Seminars” that will serve both programs. The seminars will look at topics including the path that food takes from the farm to consumers, environmental impacts, and food justice and food sovereignty.

Spring 2013 Dean's List Announced

Tompkins Cortland Community College has released the Dean’s List for the Spring 2013 semester. Provost and Vice President of the College John Conners announced a total of more than 500 students have received the honor. The Dean’s List recognizes matriculated students who have demonstrated high academic achievement by attaining a GPA of 3.5 or better while completing at least 12 credit hours during the semester. For part-time matriculated students, they are eligible each time they complete a block of 12 hours with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Spring 2013 TC3 Dean's List

New York


  • Jennifer L Peckman


  • Katina M Havel
  • Erin N Knapp
  • Andrew Joseph Mattson
  • Jennifer M Schlee


  • Ashley M Craig


  • Shannon C Pompi


  • Leandra M Brink


  • Pamela R Andersen
  • Jennifer R Davis
  • Phillip King
  • Teigan M Pirger
  • Matthew David Pitcher
  • Kara E Tomazin


  • Bianca M Elio
  • Jessica M Guiracocha
  • John O Osayomi


  • Ornika D Nelson
  • Bridget J Rivera


  • Brenna R Burlingame
  • Jennifer M Johnson
  • Janelle Maria Keith
  • Sarah Rose Mahool
  • Jason Michael McGory
  • Gerald L Minster III
  • Laura S Rivet
  • Ryan Sones
  • Corey Adams Stevens
  • Jacob J Tubbs
  • Campbell Hall
  • Christian Lizzul


  • Christian S Lincoln


  • Cassidy L Backus


  • Tyler James Bailey
  • David K Trinidad
  • Kellie M VanEtten


  • Zachary M King

Center Moriches

  • Kyle Pisaneschi

Chenango Forks

  • Krista M Rozelle


  • Jaymee L Bush
  • Jonathan C Honour
  • Tristan M Marvin
  • Samantha Rae Peterson
  • Jennifer L Spencer
  • Bethany S L Stanton


  • Timothy J Aagaard
  • Erica S Alden
  • Joshua F Allen
  • Jacqueline L Avery
  • Joseph J Bailey Jr.
  • Jaclyn Nicole Braman
  • Lorie L Breed
  • Alexander Kyle Brookins
  • Rebekah Sue Brown
  • Emily J Camp
  • Chelsea Nicole Carter
  • Joseph A Casalino
  • Jacob M Casson
  • Eric L Cerretani
  • Lisa J Christian
  • Travis J Cobb
  • Shoshana Wallace Comerford
  • Nicholas C Conway
  • Erin M Coolidge
  • Sophia H D'Addario
  • Devon L Darrow
  • Colleen D DeGouff
  • Pedro N DelaCuadra
  • Rose Lynn Doyle
  • Wendy S Edwards
  • Claribel Ferrer
  • Joanie L Fink
  • Addie M Fox
  • Curtis A Galaska
  • Louisa J Golicki
  • Stacey L Green
  • Keith Hall
  • Evan M Jackson
  • Kaleigh L Kolodzie
  • Vita M Kostiv
  • Brittany N Laman
  • Bryan J Ludgate
  • Rebecca May Maki
  • Taylor N Marrs
  • Frederick T Marshall III
  • Tyler William Masterson
  • Hannah A McGowan
  • Elizabeth T Moshkowski
  • Patricia C Ondrako
  • Amanda J Park
  • Leslie A Patriarco
  • Lana B Pavlick
  • Brandon M Phenes
  • Jayne E Potts
  • Ashlee D Prewitt
  • Rachel M Raymond
  • Andrew C Reed
  • Kassey E Roe
  • Michael T Sackett
  • Theresa A Schlimmer
  • Robert William Sikora
  • Darlene Smith
  • Stephanie Eden Smith
  • Earl D Stevenson
  • Dean H Strickland
  • Kathleen E Thomas
  • Chad P Timmons
  • Daniel J VanNess
  • Emily A Walsh
  • Mackenzie D Williams
  • Darlene H Winter

Cortlandt Manor

  • Peter Guzzo


  • Daniel Schroeder


  • Havyn LH Bush


  • James B Widger Jr.


  • Rebecca J Banker


  • Christopher A Armitage
  • Sabrina E Baker
  • Joseph R Blazier
  • Lindsay E Bohemier
  • Matthew J Bookhout
  • Adam L Bullock
  • Sarina M Churey
  • Michael J Clark
  • Teresa L Contessa
  • Jesse Cooper
  • JoAnn M Cunningham
  • Gareth C Dardia
  • Timothy A Demarsh
  • Skylar E Diamond
  • Kristen M Eldridge
  • Joseph G Glann
  • Erin E Griswold
  • Pauline Hollfelder
  • Taylor R Hoyt
  • Michael P Kirsch
  • Ayobanji M Ladipo
  • McKenna John Macomber
  • Melanie J McMillen
  • Amy N Moore
  • Elizabeth Ninivaggi
  • Jonathan A Pamel
  • Katherine E Simonet
  • Dawn M Thornton
  • Xiaofei Zhang


  • Jerri E McDaniel

East Meredith

  • Olivia Throssell

East Syracuse

  • Kayla Rose Russell


  • Melissa Davoulas


  • Erin K Mead


  • Ashley A Dickinson
  • Molly Michele Hitchcock


  • Lesley A Stokes


  • Carrie M Baylor
  • Jacob A Philion


  • Sara L Tily

Forest Hills

  • Jesse Burton Polikoff


  • Ian P Bateman
  • Renee M Butler
  • Lochlan James Cahoon
  • Colleen M Clune
  • Jonathan E Cote
  • Brandon Everhart
  • Scott P Fairbank
  • James D Gellatly
  • Amy Leigh Hanson
  • Steven R Horton
  • Elvir Hozo
  • Chandra E Huff
  • David W Kalb
  • Denis Karandeyev
  • Alex M LaLonde
  • Hannah Lormand
  • Spencer F Nicoson
  • Tamara Osipov
  • Lydia C Shea
  • Sara N Sinnigen
  • Caleb W Vincent
  • Mike S Warren
  • Olivia M Whyte
  • Rebecca L Woods


  • Lisa A Stauderman


  • Emily Rachel Cole


  • Steven A Ayres
  • Gregory A Congdon
  • Timothy Jacob Cree
  • Melinda McFall Dailey
  • Vanessa M Eastman
  • Emily L Frantz
  • Cynthia L Hill
  • Levi Z Holl
  • Lelibeth B Masten
  • Erin R Neno
  • Richard M Nicholson
  • Dureatha K Oliver
  • Kevin L Ramos
  • Scott Alexander Rush
  • Brandon W Sherwood
  • Kenneth James Tillapaugh
  • Jay A Zhe


  • Caroline M Shepard


  • Janine K Brown
  • Timothy Joel Kamanga
  • Ana M Zavala

Highland Falls

  • Derek T Bocanegra

Highland Mills

  • Michael A Hodges


  • Joslin A Aristy
  • Lori K Barbis
  • Rosanna E Bilodeau
  • Christopher Estep
  • Nikolas J Feldman
  • Brianna L Hughes
  • Andrew Dylan Olcott
  • Stephen M Park
  • Matthew R Salisbury
  • Dusty E Stillman
  • Jeffrey R VanDusen


  • David R Edmister


  • Todd William Acker
  • Tara A Jones
  • Joshua C Messmer
  • James O Winkleblack


  • Lucila A Acevedo
  • Elizabeth Appleton
  • Mearon A Azmera
  • Danielle Rene Bean
  • Lisa M Behler
  • Romana Elaine Blissard
  • Youngkeun Bong
  • Ixchel Branagan
  • Catherine E Branche
  • Natasha D Brookes
  • Kathleen A Carberry
  • Phylicia E Christianson
  • Bomi Chung
  • Emily C Clark
  • Hansol G Coleman
  • Sierra L Davenport
  • Jason D David
  • Marie T De Mott Grady
  • Melissa J Doak
  • Suzanne M Dozoretz
  • Rachel L Dufresne
  • Cigi M Edwards
  • Sun Edwards
  • Camille A Exantus
  • Jody A Feavearyear
  • Andrew D Ferrier
  • Daniel D Firth
  • Sara J Ford
  • Stephanie Fricke
  • Amy Garbincus
  • Jonathan D Gardner
  • Eli R George-Hinnant
  • Iris Greenspun-Bee
  • Meri S Grigoryan
  • Caleb W Haines
  • Matthew Graham Hall
  • Tahlia A Hanna-Martinez
  • Niels J Haralson
  • Cassie F Hartman
  • Ryan Hawthorne
  • Kimberly A Hernandez-Villenas
  • Richard F Hilliard III
  • Laura E Hinch
  • Peter J Holmes Jr.
  • Nobel Htoo
  • Shari T Hubbert
  • Janet G Ingraffea
  • Jisang Kim
  • Myung-Hee Kim
  • Sook Kyung Kim
  • Danielle C Kisloski
  • Lilly Helen Koken
  • Benjamin M Komor
  • Petros Koumis
  • Lyudmyla Kovalenko
  • Kelsey R Kreydt
  • Pamela L Ksenak
  • Yolanda Kumm
  • Tak Hung Kwan
  • Jeffrey Rayner Lapennas
  • Taj A LeBlanc
  • Younghyun Lee
  • Anne E Levine
  • Gabrielle Long
  • Nikolas J Lopez
  • Mariah Evon Lower
  • Minh D Luu
  • Thien Duc Luu
  • Vincent K Malpasso
  • Allison Hope McComb
  • Patrick Thomas McMahon
  • Tenzin Menlek
  • Mary E Mills
  • Tracy Miranda
  • Kimberly Anna Mobley
  • Derek E Moluf
  • Megan E Moluf
  • Susan Diane Mueller
  • Daniel J Norton
  • Ollie L O
  • Christen N Parker
  • Komal Patel
  • Justin G Peebles
  • Allison H Perkins
  • Rachel Morgan Peterson
  • Kyle Pluckrose
  • Steven M Polakow
  • Taylor M Policay
  • Vincent T Preikstas
  • Tatyana S Proydakova
  • Christian Przygocki
  • Alice R Renegar
  • Eric A Richards
  • Rachael Richards
  • Jessica R Riggs
  • Joshua F Sanders
  • Yaqub Amir Shabazz
  • Michael P Shulman
  • Joseph R Slattery
  • Jessica R Sprague
  • Samuel J Sprague
  • Ryan M St. Denis
  • Zoe S Stewart
  • Sean F Streb
  • Brandon K Swearingen
  • Rebecca M Taggart
  • Joah Tang
  • Melody Taormina
  • Mark A Thompson
  • Chad E Trimm
  • Cody Trueman
  • Stephanie K Tupper
  • Beth A Vangasbeck
  • John Israel D Ward Jr.
  • Zackery H Weber
  • Hope M Weinberg
  • Peter H Westin
  • Lydia S Wetzler
  • Vanessa J Wikel
  • Monica D Woodward
  • Michele Lynn Wurgler
  • Mario Zaja
  • Daniel Zamora
  • Xiaohua Zhu
  • Edward S Zimmerman
  • Kathryn E Zuber


  • Kijana A Benain
  • Risa C Charles


  • Abigail G Oliver


  • Rachel Sammons

King Ferry

  • Pamela A Parlett

Kings Park

  • Julia R Bienenstein


  • Brianna Hayes


  • Aaron M Klein


  • Kaitlin M Aasen
  • Symphony A Doan
  • Cheryl L Gagnon
  • Cheyenne M Gorton
  • Joseph M Jones
  • Nathan J Miller
  • Ronald J Parrington III
  • Lyudmila Tkachuk


  • Fama D Ann


  • Rebecca Rae Puylara


  • Jennifer Verdolino


  • Jami N Hildreth
  • Adam H Loomis
  • Trever M Rounds
  • Eric Eugene Smith


  • Sara B Askew
  • Tyler B F Barry
  • Ashley P Braman
  • Kyle W Braman
  • Sara R Brown
  • Lucas E Malmberg
  • Emilee H Reynolds
  • David P Young


  • Courtney E Hatch


  • Suzanne M Golicki
  • Bridgett L Hammond
  • Mark W Henline
  • Jeremy S Rood
  • Chase J Wiley


  • Linnay Harmer


  • Devin D Hance


  • Sloan M Johnson
  • Kelleyanne A McElfresh
  • Adrienne A Murray
  • Amy L Richards
  • Earl J Smith IV


  • Logan D Eltz

Mount Vernon

  • Jacob R Turner

New Berlin

  • Amanda J Fink

New Rochelle

  • Mitchell I Anderson

New York

  • Whitney Page
  • Kenya E Ponder
  • Ashley Renne Stephenson
  • LaToya Renee Williams-Riley
  • Janice A Yearwood

Newark Valley

  • Abigail R Beck
  • Courtney E Coombs
  • Tamara L Wahl
  • Emily S Williams


  • Kaysee N Bachelor
  • Cari Nicole Bamforth
  • Corbin E Boisvert
  • Julie Raele Felgate
  • Megan L Gatch
  • Samuel Hernandez
  • Jonathan R Hine
  • Kathryn Hughes
  • Laura A Illiano
  • Ryan Christopher Johnson
  • Rebecca L Loftus
  • Emma Elizabeth Marshall
  • Dana A McCord
  • Emily L Miner
  • Megan N Perry
  • Selina Marie Sims
  • Michael W Yaple


  • Joshua Brucker


  • Travis B Regner


  • Brittany Shipman


  • Michael J Rottenberk


  • Amanda D Dickens
  • Dylan J Williams


  • Madeline A Bacorn
  • Kara M Church
  • Ryan E White


  • Kyle A Muzzy


  • Ryan J Ormsby

Pine City

  • Brendan Louis Harper Sr.

Port Crane

  • Stephanie N Decker
  • Nathan D Lamoree


  • Jennifer E Redenback


  • Keith W Smith


  • Dawn Marie Canfield
  • Torri L Titus
  • Karli Danielle Wusthoff


  • Kelsey Wynne

Rockville Centre

  • Courtney L Quaresima


  • Kimberly M Quinn

Sea Cliff

  • Caroline Rober

Seneca Falls

  • Kelsey G Fitzsimons
  • Sonja M Kriegelstein

Sharon Springs

  • Cyle Conley
  • Matthew Scott Larkin


  • Amanda Conrade


  • David A DeLay

Slate Hill

  • Brittany B Tuthill


  • Stefan A Diemecke
  • Maggie Marie Kastenhuber
  • Kelsey E Merritt
  • Jason E Moss
  • Cecilia L Roche
  • Courtney A Rupert
  • Amelia M Scofield
  • Andrew L Taylor


  • Kevin A Collins


  • Jessica Colvin


  • Nashennia T Heath
  • Barbara Carmen Peribanez


  • Krystina C Andersen
  • Jonathon E Conroy
  • Katherine L Conroy
  • Vanessa A Hoaglin
  • Alexzandrea E Houseworth
  • George E Larsen
  • Eric A Lupo
  • Richard J Piotti Jr.
  • Megan E Reynolds
  • Kathleen M Shay
  • Brian J Vorhis
  • Jennifer K Westling
  • Vanessa C Willard


  • Rayne W Perry
  • Karlie L Songer
  • Amanda Jean Stanton


  • Brandon Finton
  • Kate E Spagnola

Van Etten

  • Ashley Montgomery
  • Kadee Ann Zahradnik


  • Kayla M Graham

Verona Beach

  • Taylor Jane Whitmore


  • Nikki Marie Donlick
  • Julie L Steinmetz


  • Vanessa Bedford
  • Katherine M Covell


  • Jacqueline R Matza


  • Amy Lynn Ochs

Watkins Glen

  • Kelly L Shaffer


  • Laurie Ennis

Whitney Point

  • Michelle A McGrath
  • Thomas E McGrath
  • Lori Warfield


  • Maria Askew
  • Jasmine D Bustle
  • Jennifer L Falk
  • Angela E Heidl


  • Tyler Logan Creller


Other States

Sandpoint, Idaho

  • Cassidy M Kindred

Edgartown, Massachusetts

  • Bridget C Conlon

Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • Eli B Bienstock

Biloxi, Mississippi

  • Aslinn M Fedash

New Hope, Pennsylvania

  • Bram Westerhuis

Towanda, Pennsylvania

  • Caitlin Laura Blackman

Carrollton, Texas

  • Sua Go

Other Countries


Dominican Republic

  • Laura Dalila Diaz Gonzalez
  • Pedro Manuel Estrella Tavarez
  • Carlo Mariano Mercedes Gonzalez
  • Paola Mariel Reyes Caraballo


  • Sergio Javier Hernandez
  • Fernando Roberto Robles Coulter

Republic of China

  • Yuanhang Gao
  • Jung Jung Lee

Republic of Korea

  • Duk Ho Choi
  • Jae Hoon Kim

TC3 Student Photographs Chosen for Best of SUNY Exhibit

April 19, 2013

Tompkins Cortland Community College will be well represented at the upcoming 2013 Best of SUNY Student Art Exhibition. TC3 students Susan Larkin, Caitlin Londa, and Cynthia Cantu have been honored with selection of their photographs into the exhibit. The exhibit will open in June and be on display through September 18 at the New York State Museum in Albany.

The three TC3 pieces selected are all photographs, but with very different subjects and styles. Larkin’s work is a very colorful collection of photos of hands, all done with her iPhone, Londa photographed a classic car at twilight on Main Street in Cortland, and Cantu produced a black and white image of some historical artifacts. Both Cantu and Londa graduated from the TC3 photography program in December 2012 and plan to pursue four-year degrees. Larkin is a community member taking individual photography classes at the College.

The exhibit features artwork selected as Best of Show at the fall 2012 and the spring 2013 student art exhibitions at SUNY Plaza. TC3 students Kim Burke, Rebecca Shurtleff, Jeff Lower, Christa Saraceni, Dave LoParco, and Joe Glann also had work featured at SUNY Plaza this year. All the art displayed from TC3 students was photography, but the exhibit includes a variety of media, including the traditional areas of drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture as well as digital imaging and mixed media installations.

The 2013 Best of SUNY Student Art Exhibition will include about 50 pieces of art selected by a panel of jurors from the over 300 on display in the fall and spring.

Photo by Susan Larkin
Photo by Susan Larkin

Photo by Caitlin Londa
Photo by Caitlin Londa

Photo by Cynthia Cantu
Photo by Cynthia Cantu

Two TC3 Graduates Recognized by SUNY Chancellor

April 10, 2013

Two Tompkins Cortland Community College graduates have been recognized with the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence by the State University of New York. Sara Moreno Lopez and Ignacio Saldana were among the 243 students honored from the 64 SUNY campuses. Moreno Lopez is from New York City and graduated in December with a degree in international business. Saldana graduated in December with a liberal arts and sciences-general studies degree. He is from Staten Island and is now a student at Cornell University.

“The students we honor have strong records of achievement as student leaders, scholar athletes, aspiring artists, and community volunteers,” said SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher. “By exhibiting excellence in class, on campus, and in their local communities, these students truly represent the power of SUNY and we honor them with great pride. Congratulations to all the students being recognized.”

The Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence was created in 1997 to recognize students who have best demonstrated, and been recognized for, the integration of academic excellence with accomplishments in the areas of leadership, athletics, community service, creative and performing arts or career achievement. Students need a minimum grade point average of 2.95 to be nominated, but both Moreno Lopez and Saldana graduated with a GPA better than 3.8.

In addition to grade point average, Chancellor's Award nominees must have demonstrated significant contributions to the campus community. Each nominee was reviewed by a campus selection committee and then subjected to a second round of review at the chancellor's office before being recommended to Chancellor Zimpher.

New International Studies A.S. Degree Program

April 8, 2013

The Tompkins Cortland Community College Board of Trustees has approved the addition of an International Studies associate in science (A.S.) degree program. The program proposal is currently being reviewed by SUNY and the New York State Education Department. Upon securing approval and registration, the program is expected to start in fall 2013.

The international studies degree program is designed to offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in global learning, reflecting the College's mission of preparing students for citizenship in a global society. Combining history, geography, political science, sociology, cultural and developmental anthropology, language acquisition, and other course work which will transfer to individual four-year degree programs, students will gain an interdisciplinary liberal arts foundation that also includes a study abroad experience. The program is designed for transfer, with bachelor's degree options including programs at Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Oswego, SUNY Purchase, and Wells College. Students completing their baccalaureate degree will be prepared to pursue careers in a variety of areas, including governmental organizations, international aid, international public policy, and in international business.

Program Requirements

President's Citation Awarded to 44 Students

February 22, 2013

TC3 has released the list of students awarded the President’s Citation following the Fall 2012 semester. A total of 44 students have received the honor, the most selective academic recognition available to a TC3 student. The President’s Citation will be granted only once to students who are matriculated in a program of study, have completed at least 30 credit hours in residence, and have earned an overall grade point average of 3.8 or better.

Fall 2012 President's Citation Honorees (and hometowns)


  • Thomas Joseph Smith II


  • Joseph J Bailey Jr.
  • Brian W Bosch
  • Lorie L Breed


  • Teresa L Contessa
  • Jesse Cooper
  • Timothy A Demarsh
  • Joseph G Glann


  • Rebecca L Woods


  • Sarah Beth Goyette
  • Cynthia L Hill
  • Levi Z Holl


  • Lori K Barbis
  • Jessica R Davis


  • Steven A Ayres
  • Melissa J Doak
  • Daryll P Esposito
  • Andrew D Ferrier
  • Veronica E Frosen
  • Jonathan D Gardner
  • Myung-Hee Kim
  • Pamela L Ksenak
  • Thien Duc Luu
  • Derek E Moluf
  • Susan Diane Mueller
  • Komal Patel
  • Rachael Richards
  • Michael P Shulman
  • Lacy Jane Sweeney
  • Jennifer A Tretter
  • Emily S Yetsko
  • Xiaohua Zhu


  • Kelly Lynn Charnley
  • Adam H Loomis

Montour Falls

  • Matthew A Kemp

Newark Valley

  • Kristal L Stevens


  • Jordan R Oliver

Pine City

  • Brendan Louis Harper Sr.

Staten Island

  • Ignacio Saldana


  • Sara O Miller


  • Laura R Schoepfle


  • Amy Lynn Ochs


  • Maria Askew

Out of Country
Republic of China

  • Jung Jung Lee

Italian Cooking Class Fundraiser

November 20, 2012

Students in the Hotel and Restaurant Association Club, under the direction of advisor Marcia Waffner, put on a wildly successful community cooking program at the Homer Center of the Arts recently. The Italian Harvest Cooking Class gave 12 community members the chance to learn how to make beautiful Italian cuisine.

The event also served as a fundraiser for the club, helping support students that wish to attend the annual New York City Hotel and Restaurant Show. A portion of the proceeds was also donated to the Ithaca Cancer Resource Center in honor of Waffner, who is a cancer survivor.

October 3 is Completion Day at TC3

September 26, 2012

On October 3, Tompkins Cortland Community College will be participating in New York State Completion Day, an initiative of all 37 community colleges in the state of New York. The 30 State University of New York (SUNY) and seven City University of New York (CUNY) community colleges, which have a combined enrollment of more than 330,000, have set the day to send a simple message: Students who complete an associate degree have better prospects for jobs, scholarships, and transfer to four-year schools.

New York’s two-year schools have each planned multiple Completion Day events. Working with Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year schools, each campus will hold campaigns asking students to sign a pledge to complete their degree or certificate program. Campuses will also hold resource fairs to provide information about academic, advisement, and financial support services that can help students reach their goals.

At TC3, the bulk of the activities will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the student center. Phi Theta Kappa will have a table set up with the pledge and the student success office and the office of counseling, career, and transfer services will each have representatives on hand. At 12:15, the Provost and Vice President of the College John Conners will speak, talking about the real benefits of completing a degree. The president of the TC3 chapter of PTK, Joanie Fink, will also speak about the value of completing a degree from a student's perspective.

TC3 Professor's Short Film Selected for Screening at International Film Festival

September 3, 2012

Tompkins Cortland Community College Professor Lisa Ford's short film Prodigy has been selected for screening at the 27th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival this fall. Ford, who teaches screenwriting and digital cinema courses in addition to academic writing, wrote and directed the piece.

Prodigy tells a story about a mother reconnecting with her inner child during a magical moment at her daughter's violin lesson. "As a teacher who has worked with children and adults, I'm interested in exploring how people experience the creative process," said Ford when discussing her inspiration for Prodigy. "My intent with this film was to celebrate the idea that creative expression, including musical expression, can enrich our lives."

The film was scored by Emmy-award winning musician and Ithaca resident Judy Hyman. The cast includes Aliya Iosilevich, Cristin Gallagher, and Surinder Sidhu, who teaches acting courses at TC3.

Prodigy is the latest in a long line of Ford's works to be honored. Several of her past films have been screened at various international festivals including the SAG Foundation Short Film Showcase, the New Filmmakers Screening Series at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City, and the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. She has been successful at several screenwriting competitions, including the Austin Heart of Film Festival and the New England Screenwriting Competition, and has also been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization that presents the Oscars.

TC3 Athletes Receive National Academic Honors

June 21, 2012

Two Tompkins Cortland Community College athletes have been honored by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) for excellence in the classroom. Tonya Brownell (Edmeston H.S./Edmeston) won the Exemplary Academic Achievement Award and Brett Gifford (Cazenovia H.S./Cazenovia) was honored with the Superior Academic Achievement Award.

Brownell was a two-year member of the women's soccer team. A liberal arts and sciences-math/sciences major and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society, Brownell graduated in May with a GPA of 3.78. This fall she will attend Hartwick College and play soccer for Hawks.

Gifford played on the TC3 lacrosse team, earning all-region honors twice. He also was a liberal arts and sciences-math/science major and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Gifford graduated with a GPA of 3.81 and will attend SUNY IT this fall and play lacrosse for the Wildcats Academics

TC3 Graduates Class of 2012

May 24, 2012

Recognize that the only failure is the failure to try. That was one of the messages delivered to the Class of 2012 during commencement ceremonies at Tompkins Cortland Community College Thursday. The College celebrated its 43nd commencement in front of over 1,800 people in the College's gymnasium.

The class of 2012 includes 793 graduates, the largest class in the College's history. Among those participating in the ceremony was student trustee Alicia Smith, who shared her thoughts on the value of her education at TC3. "The true value of our time here cannot be captured in words or found in a text book. It is an experience, where much has changed," she said. "We have grown from clueless kids to the future teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, artists, businessmen, or whatever your dream may be. Now is our time to make a difference, and without the help of the TC3 administration and staff, we wouldn't be standing here today celebrating the hard work we have accomplished."

The main address came from John Cape, a 1971 graduate of TC3, who was the New York State budget director during the Pataki administration. He spoke of the opportunities that came from his time at TC3. "That foundation gave me all the tools I needed to build a rich and rewarding career that eventually brought me back here this evening," he said, noting that his time at TC3 was the only formal classroom education he received. He urged graduates to recognize, as they move on with life, the difference between their work and their jobs. "Your job is, first, to think for yourself," he said. "Never trust other people's assumptions, but understand for yourself the facts and numbers – know where they came from and how they were derived. Whatever your endeavor, before you do your work, make sure you do your job."

Cape also talked about what's ahead for this class. "Your generation is a time of tremendous opportunity if you only know where, and how, to look. Browning once wrote, 'A person's reach should exceed their grasp, or what's a heaven for?' Those are words to live by. Don't settle for the practical, or even the possible – TC3 has made you better than that."

TC3 President Carl Haynes was the last speaker. "Tonight we celebrate your achievement – it's something you've earned through a combination of inspiration, initiative, hard work, and perseverance. Whether you realize it now, through the act of completing this degree or certificate, you have undergone a transformation," said Haynes, who talked about the new responsibilities each graduate now has as a result of this transformation. "This degree enables you to pursue opportunities that did not exist for you previously, and it is your responsibility to make the most of those opportunities and truly put your TC3 education to work."

President Haynes ended by praising the community service projects undertaken by this class, including raising over $25,000 for cancer services in Tompkins and Cortland Counties. "The evidence is clear: you understand the value of giving back to your community. And you understand the rewards of your service. I want to encourage you to not only continue your commitment to this service, but to use your academic achievements and abilities to innovate in this area as much as you innovate in your professional lives. As the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 'It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping themselves.”

TC3 to Add International Studies Program

May 16, 2012

The Tompkins Cortland Community College Board of Trustees has approved the addition of an International Studies associate in science (A.S.) degree program. The program will be sent to SUNY and the New York State Education department for final approval.

The international studies degree program is designed to offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in global learning, reflecting the College's mission of preparing students for citizenship in a global society. Combining history, political sciences, cultural anthropology, language acquisition, economics, and sociology, students will gain an interdisciplinary liberal arts foundation that also includes a study abroad experience. The program is designed for transfer, with bachelor's degree options including programs at Ithaca College, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Oswego, SUNY Purchase, and Wells College. Students completing their baccalaureate degree will be prepared to pursue careers in a variety of areas, including governmental organizations, international aid, international public policy, and in international business.

TC3 Professor Wins SUNY Chancellor's Award for Internationalization

April 27, 2012

Tompkins Cortland Community College Associate Professor of Nursing Paula Moore has won a 2012-13 SUNY Chancellor's Award for Internationalization for a new internship that complements the College's successful study abroad program in Nicaragua. The award, which is designed to encourage the establishment of new and innovative study abroad programs in less commonly traveled destinations and the exploration of underrepresented academic disciplines in study abroad program, was given to faculty members at five different SUNY campuses. Moore was the lone community college faculty member honored.

"The Chancellor's Award for Internationalization is representative of SUNY's commitment to increasing opportunities for global exposure among our students and faculty," said SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher. "Congratulations to each of this year's recipients and to the students and campuses that have contributed to their success."

The award comes with $4,000 to support the program and make the cost more affordable for students. Moore won the award for her proposal International Internship in Health Care Education in Nicaragua, and internship program designed as a follow-up to the established Nicaragua-Healthcare Onsite trip the College has sponsored for nearly twenty years.

"The intention of this project is to create an internship for students who have already participated in the study abroad course and experiential learning in Nicaragua," said Moore. "During the first trip, as part of the Healthcare Onsite program, student nurses are exposed to a culture and health care system very different then their own. Through dialogues with local nurses and assessments of the communities visited they identify health teaching needs," said Moore, who designed the curriculum for the new internship program. "The internship creates an opportunity for students to take the experience of international health work and service learning to the next level. The students come home and create culturally-sensitive teaching modules to be translated into the language of the people of this region. This internship and subsequent journey allows the student to work in a deeper and potentially more meaningful way with community members and leaders."

Students participating in the three-credit internship will live in Nicaragua for three weeks during the winter 2012-13 break between semesters. The new internship program is the latest addition to the growing study abroad program at TC3. The College offered seven different study abroad opportunities during the 2011-12 academic year, up from four the previous year. In addition to Nicaragua, trips were offered to Ireland, Ecuador, Spain, China, Italy, and Colombia, with credit available in a variety of different academic areas.

New Academic Programs Receive Final State Approval

February 21, 2012

The State University of New York and the New York State Education Department have given final approval for three new academic programs at Tompkins Cortland Community College: an associate in science (A.S.) degree in Digital Cinema, an A.S. in Recreation: Exercise Studies, and a certificate in Wine Marketing. The programs were approved by the College's Board of Trustees last spring.

Students in the Digital Cinema degree program will learn the aesthetics of cinema and become technically proficient in digital filmmaking. The TC3 program will emphasize cross-training in several fields by fostering collaboration between existing communication, English, creative writing, new media, and photography programs. Graduates will be prepared to transfer to some of the top baccalaureate programs in the field, including Ithaca College, Syracuse University, and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). For more information on Digital Cinema contact program chair Keith Millman.

Anyone interested in a career in the field of physical fitness should consider the Recreation: Exercise Studies degree program. Students in this program will become skilled in fitness assessment, personal training, and recreation leadership while having the opportunity to earn certifications from a number of accredited fitness agencies. The A.S. degree is designed to give graduates the option of either entering the workforce or transferring to a related four-year program, with SUNY Cortland, Ithaca College, and Syracuse University among the potential transfer institutions. For more information on Recreation: Exercise Studies contact program chair Pat Mercer.

TC3 has offered a degree program in wine marketing for two years, but the new Wine Marketing certificate program provides a new option. The certificate program is comprised of courses already found in the College's wine marketing degree program, but because the certificate focuses on the core courses, students can earn a certificate in roughly half the time. For more information on Wine Marketing contact program chair Sue Stafford.

TC3 offers more than 40 degree programs and certificates in more than a dozen areas of study. Honored by State Organization

November 21, 2011

For the fourth year in a row, has been honored by the Continuing Education Association of New York (CEANY). The CEANY has voted the recipient of this year's James C. Hall Jr. Exemplary Program Award in Course Catalog/Brochure for the Green Energy Technology brochure.

The award recognizes "creative and effective layout, graphics, and copy." The Green Energy Technology program features workshops on energy efficiency design, renewable energy, and green construction. The brochure was created by TC3 Graphic Designer Jennica Petrella-Baum, working with TC3's SUNY GREENS NY Program Coordinator, In Shik Lee. The brochure was edited by College Editor Bryan Chambala. has over 30 years of experience providing quality learning opportunities that foster the success of individuals, organizations, businesses, and our community. With customized training programs and non-credit workshops, both in-person and online, is a vital contributor to the region's economic well being. For more information about customized training for area organizations, or professional development workshops, visit or call 607.844.6586.

TC3 Professor Phil Tate Wins National Writing Contest

September 26, 2011

Tompkins Cortland Community College Professor Phil Tate has won a prestigious Glimmer Train Press award for his story "Gas." The award, in the "Open Fiction" category, came after a national competition sponsored by the Oregon-based literary publication. Tate won a $2,000 prize and "Gas" will be published nationally in Glimmer Train Stories.

Tate, who teaches English and creative writing at TC3, is a graduate of Kansas State University with his MFA in fiction writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. His works have appeared in The Adirondack Review, Black Warrior Review, and Battered Suitcase. He is working on several literary and young adult novels, while also teaching aspiring writers in TC3's creative writing program.

TC3 Part of $3.35 Million NSF Grant

September 13, 2011

Tompkins Cortland Community College is part of a project that has secured $3.35 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to roll out a national model for incorporating research into community college biology courses. Finger Lakes Community College is the recipient of the grant, Jamestown Community College and Deleware Techinical and Community College are also part of the effort.

The funding comes from NSF's Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math) program, in which there are three levels of funding. The highest level, achieved only by this project this year, is extremely competitive because the projects must demonstrate that they will have impact on a national level.

Half of all college students in the nation attend community colleges, making a rigorous two-year curriculum a national priority if the U.S. is to stay competitive in the sciences, explained Jim Hewlett, professor of biology and head of the Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative (CCURI) (, based at FLCC.

"Given the community college's increasing role in preparing transfer students to four-year colleges, we need to give students the skills and knowledge necessary to become future biologists," said Hewlett, who applied for this grant on behalf of FLCC.

In the first year of implementation, the project team, led by Hewlett, will select 16 community colleges from across the country to participate in an extensive program that begins with three-day workshops in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, and the District of Columbia.

At the workshops, Hewlett and faculty from TC3, Jamestown Community College, and Delaware Technical and Community College will help them design, implement, and assess undergraduate research programs at their institutions. The Council for Undergraduate Research, a national organization with similar goals, will provide additional support.

The grant will then support these institutions (supplies, equipment, faculty and curriculum development, stipends for student research assistants) for the remaining three years as their plans take shape on their respective campuses. The Social and Economic Sciences Research Center at Washington State University will evaluate the project as it unfolds.

TC3 Hires New Golf Coach

August 23, 2011

Tim McCabe has been named the new head golf coach at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3). He replaces Craig Tucker, who retired after seven years with the program, including the last two as head coach.

McCabe, an associate professor of economics and business at TC3, brings decades of competitive golfing experience. A graduate of Cortland High School, he went on to play for four years at St. Bonaventure University, serving as team captain his senior year. He is a former Cortland County Amateur champion and still competes in local tournaments. His coaching experience includes mentoring his oldest son, Andy McCabe, who earned a golf scholarship to the University of Nebraska and is currently ranked in the top 15 of amateur golfers in the state of Texas.

"Watching my son compete at Nebraska, I realized how much I would enjoy coaching on the college level," said McCabe. "I've spent much of my life helping young adults and teaching them how to achieve success, and I see coaching golf as an extension of that work. Golf is a great builder of character."

McCabe takes over a program that has a history of success. The Panthers won consecutive Region III championships in 2007 and 2008, and had the individual national champion in 2008 (Kris Boyes). His goals include bringing another title to TC3, but it's not the top priority. "My top two goals are to have a team that acts professional when representing the school and to have all my golfers do well in the classroom," said McCabe. "My third and fourth goals are to win regionals and return the team to the national tournament."

McCabe, who has a master's degree from West Virginia University, is the fifth coach in the 20-year history of golf at TC3.

TC3 Nursing Program Receives Prestigous Accreditation

August 23, 2011

The Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) nursing program has been reaccredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). The continuing accreditation is for eight years, the maximum awarded by the NLNAC. TC3's nursing program has been accredited since 1979.

The NLNAC is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the national accrediting body for nursing education programs. The NLNAC evaluates a program on standards that include the curriculum, faculty credentials and continuing education, how the college evaluates and improves the program, student satisfaction, national certification pass rates, program policies, and graduate performance. They also look at the college as a whole and evaluate support for the program including admission policies, financial aid rates and policies along with student support services. The eight-year accreditation signifies that TC3 has a program of the highest caliber and assures all the credits earned in the nursing program will transfer to other institutions.

The evaluation process began in 2010 with a lengthy self report and culminated with a three-day site visit by three NLNAC evaluators."I am grateful to the college community as a whole and especially the nursing program faculty for all their work and support during this important process," said Professor Kimberly Sharpe, MS, RN, CNE, chair of the TC3 nursing program.

Concurrent to the NLNAC process, TC3's nursing program was also evaluated by the New York State Education Department. The College received continuous reaccreditation, the state's highest rating. The positive findings from the regulatory bodies were echoed by officials at two of the nursing program's community partners.

"Congratulations to the TC3 Nursing Program!" said Susan R. Nohelty, RN, MSN, Vice President of Patient Services for Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca. "We are indebted to the TC3 Nursing Program for providing Cayuga Medical Center with a cadre of professional, well-trained graduate nurses, who skillfully and compassionately care for our patients at all levels throughout the organization"

"Through the years, Cortland Regional Medical Center has enjoyed a close, beneficial partnership with the TC3 nursing program," said Denise Mironti, RN, MSN, Senior Vice President-Patient Care Services for Cortland Regional Medical Center. "Its graduates have excellent clinical skills and understand the importance of personalized patient care, so they fit well into our mission of achieving exceptional care. We congratulate the TC3 staff for earning its accreditation and high rating, and look forward to a continued strong relationship in the future."