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Library Lessons

This is a series of brief tutorials that will show you how to use some of the research tools in the Library. Each one is a slideshow, with a text transcript for those with visual impairment. They will help you get started. If you need deeper help, you can contact a librarian by coming in, calling, texting or chatting.

Database Navigation

Slideshow or Text Version

Review the process of getting from the Library home page to a copy of an article in your hands.

Focusing Your Search

Slideshow or Text Version

Learn how to save time by using a few basic tools to focus your search quickly on the relevant material.


Created by Barbara Kobritz

Graphic Version or Text Version

In your college writing, you will be expected to support your claims with good evidence, evidence based on research. This lesson will help you begin to understand research evidence and recognize its hallmarks.

Getting Started with Background Material: Using the Gale Virtual Reference Library

Adapted by Monika Chavez and Eric Jenes from Barbara Kobritz's Library Lesson

Video Version or Text Version

If you know the broad topic you want to write about you can save yourself a lot of time by searching the Gale database for background information. Hundreds of special-subject handbooks, encyclopedias and manuals, all combined into one search, give you articles on historical, legal, social and economic angles. Your outline will be deeper, richer - and done faster! - with Gale Virtual Reference.

Book Catalog

Graphic Version or Text Version

Learn to find books, e-books and movies that are owned by the College. If we don’t have what you’re looking for we can usually get it for you, for free, in as little as 3 days. Learn all about it by viewing this tutorial.

Start Your Research

Search library databases
Launch a search window to begin your research.

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