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Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Issues involving academic integrity, cheating and plagiarism are among the most difficult and contentious problems faculty face today. The library staff is committed to helping you inform students about plagiarism and to help you develop strategies to prevent it happening in your classroom. We also can assist you to verify cases of suspected plagiarism.

For more information concerning plagiarism or to obtain a password to Turnitin, the plagiarism detection software described below contact Barbara Kobritz at ext. 4362. She will be delighted to speak to your classes about plagiarism and other academic integrity issues. The following resources might also be of assistance to you.

TC3 Statement of Academic Integrity Policy

This page contains information on the college's policies and procedures regarding academic integrity. You might consider reading it to your students to emphasize the consequences of plagiarism or cheating.

Climate of Plagiarism

It is difficult to underestimate the tacit tolerance of cheating and plagiarism that exists in contemporary America. Some of the following examples indicate the epidemic of plagiarism and cheating that can influence your students.

Fighting Back: Prevention and Detection

The best approach to fighting plagiarism is to stop it before it starts. As teachers and librarians realize the scope of the problem, individuals, professional organizations and for profit groups are marshalling an array of weapons to help restore academic integrity in the academy. Here are some good places to begin mining for material. All are the work of college librarians or university writing centers.


Turnitin is an online software program that identifies unoriginal material in research papers and other student work. While an effective tool in verifying incidents of plagiarism, Turnitin also has proved a very effective deterrent. Refer to Turnitin's Instructor Quick Start Guide to help you get set up.

Turnitin is integrated into all online courses. If you do not teach in an online framework, contact Barbara Kobritz at ext. 4362 to obtain a password. While visitors can read about on the web site, a password is needed to make use of the actual software.

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