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MATH200/ME58, Statistics

Summer 2014, MW 5:30–8:20, room 293B (Stan Brown)

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Throughout the Course

Optional extras

Chapter 1: Statistics!

Optional extras

Chapter 2: Graphing Your Data

Optional extras

Chapter 3: Numbers about Numbers

Optional extras

Chapter 4: Linked Variables

Optional extras

Chapter 5: Probability

Optional extras

Chapter 6: Discrete Probability Models

Chapter 7: Normal Distributions

Optional extras

Chapter 8: How Samples Vary

Optional extras

Chapter 9: Estimating Population Parameters

Optional extras

Chapter 10: Hypothesis Tests

Chapter 11: Inference from Two Samples

Optional extras

Chapter 12: Tests on Counted Data

Optional extras

gears Extra cases

These are not part of the course syllabus, but are included for those who would like to learn more.

General Math

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