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Stories of Success

From Columbia Law School to the high peaks of Nepal to the faculty of the University of Toronto, Tompkins Cortland Community College students and alums succeed in ways many of them never imagined before attending the College.

And the Foundation plays an essential role in their success. Whether through the direct support of scholarships, the development of innovative academic programs and initiatives like Farm to Bistro, or through the support of technology development and professional development, the Foundation provides essential support in student success.

Connecting the College

Alums who want to connect with the College and other alums can either contact the Foundation or list Tompkins Cortland Community College as in the "education" section of their LinkedIn profile. The Foundation uses LinkedIn to connect with alumni and to foster connections amongst alumni.

Story List: Pathways

A career, not just a job

There is no agreement on the origin of the aphorism "Youth is wasted on the young," (George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde have been credited, and there is the appearance in It’s a Wonderful Life), but you can certainly find agreement on the sentiment on any college campus.

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Crystal Sanchez

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