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If there's an aspect of teaching that you would like to discuss with your colleagues, now is the time to get onto the CTC calendar. Discussion is informal and anyone can lead. No PowerPoint required.

We get very positive feedback on sessions where teachers present their scholarly and artistic achievements. If you have something in that vein to share with your colleagues, by all means, let us know. Let's celebrate this fantastic faculty together!

Talk to Barbara Kobritz in the Library, or send an email to schedule a date. But do it soon! Spring semester dates are filling up.

Spring 2017 Roundtables

Descriptions of Roundtables are posted on this page as they become available. Faculty and adjunct faculty are also notified by email a few days in advance of each discussion. Roundtables are in the CTC at noon unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday January 25

Breaking from the lecture: Interactive tools for your classroom

Are you tired of the lecture cycle you’re on in your class? Do you love to lecture, but think your students would benefit from something different? Join Emily Reardon as she talks about her journey from lecturing to a more interactive form of teaching. She will discuss her experience at the Case Study Conference last September and some online interactive tools she’s discovered. Join her to work together to make our classrooms engaging and exciting.

Monday January 30

By Adjuncts For Adjuncts

A monthly opportunity for adjuncts to share questions and experiences. Facilitated by CTC Adjunct Coordinator, Christine Iacobucci.

Wednesday February 1

Chat with the Provost

Join our Provost, Dr. John Conners, for an open discussion. Bring your questions and concerns.

Monday February 6

This Changes Everything

A semester-long discussion of This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein, described by the New York Times as the most momentous and contentious environmental book since Silent Spring. This Reading & Discussion Group will meet the first Monday of the month throughout the semester.

Wednesday February 8

Adjuncts Chat with the Dean

Several times throughout the semester our Dean of Instruction, Carl Penziul, sets aside time for conversation with adjunct faculty. Bring your questions and concerns.

Monday February 13

Emphasizing Learning over Perfection

Facilitated by Anndrea Ellison, who says: Students often assume that the purpose of submitting an assignment is to be evaluated, but I want them to focus on producing work in order to practice skills and to focus on submitting assignments in order to get my advice on how to improve their thinking, writing, and public speaking. In order to facilitate this shift, I often encourage my students to embrace the vulnerability they feel in sharing their work. How can we help students to see us as coaches rather than judges?

Wednesday February 15


Facilitated by Alice Caroompas. Last fall, Alice traveled to Egypt and Lebanon for the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) program, funded in part by the Stevens Initiative. Alice will be sharing her experiences with the program. She will also be joined by representatives from COIL to talk about the program itself. TC3 is now officially a COIL partner, so instructors can actually take part in this now. Pretty exciting!

Wednesday February 15        Special Time: 4-5 pm

Hillbilly Elegy

First in a series that will meet on the third Wednesday of each month to discuss J. D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy. Vance's memoir raises a variety of issues including Appalachian culture, distrust of the government, liberal elitism, domestic strife, substance abuse, economics v. culture metaphor, social mobility through education, and more. If you want a quick idea of the book, watch J.D. Vance's 10 minute Tedtalk on America's Forgotten Working Class.

Monday February 27

By Adjuncts For Adjuncts

A monthly opportunity for adjuncts to share questions and experiences. Facilitated by CTC Adjunct Coordinator, Christine Iacobucci.

Wednesday March 1

What's Working

Once a month, get together with your colleagues to share new ideas and learn about what's working for others.