Tompkins Cortland Community College



Descriptions of Roundtables are posted on this page as they become available. Faculty and adjunct faculty are also notified by email a few days in advance of each discussion. Roundtables are in the CTC at noon unless otherwise noted.

Monday November 21

Emphasizing Learning over Perfection

Presented by Anndrea Ellison

Students often assume that the purpose of submitting an assignment is to be evaluated, but I want them to focus on producing work in order to practice skills and to focus on submitting assignments in order to get my advice on how to improve their thinking, writing, and public speaking. In order to facilitate this shift, I often encourage my students to embrace the vulnerability they feel in sharing their work. How can we help students to see us as coaches rather than judges?

Monday November 28

By Adjuncts, For Adjuncts

Once a month, adjuncts get together for conversation and idea-sharing. Facilitated by Christine Iacobucci, CTC Adjunct Coordinator.

Monday December 5

Chat with the Provost

The CTC Roundtable today is a "Chat With the Provost." Dr. John Conners will be with us to hear and respond to your questions, concerns and comments. Bring your lunch. Have some tea.