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Spring 2018 Roundtables

Descriptions of Roundtables are posted on this page as they become available. Faculty and adjunct faculty are also notified by email a few days in advance of each discussion. Roundtables are in the CTC at noon unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, Apr. 25
Tips for Teaching and Advising Non-Native English Speaking Students
Led by Angela Martin and Merryn Clay

Join us for an overview of who our international and immigrant students are, and what academic and social challenges they face. We will share ways that you can better communicate with non-native English speakers and offer tips on how best to support, teach, and advise them. 

Wednesday, Apr. 18
Student Panel: March For Our Lives
Led by Student Members of S.T.A.N.D.

Come meet with members of TC3's non-partisan group S.T.A.N.D. (Students Take Action & Negotiate Dialogue) to discuss their recent experiences at the March for Our Lives Rally in Washington, DC on March 24th.  Students will share their pictures and observations, answer questions, and discuss their next steps in meaningful democratic engagement.

Monday, Apr. 16
Led by Christine Iacobucci

Today's discussion will focus on the concept of grit and its implications for our students.

Monday, Apr. 9
Using the OJ Simpson Documentary with Writing-To-Learn
Led by Travis Vande Berg

Wednesday, Apr. 4
Teaching as a Talent Manager
Led by Aaron Decker

This session explores teaching through the lens of a talent manager. It acknowledges that students come into the classroom with certain skills and strengths, and it becomes part of our responsibility to create a learning environment to meet the needs of modern students so these talents and skills can flourish. Through setting the appropriate environment and playing to universal human needs, desires, and strengths, we can help stack the deck for more productive classes, more successful students, and more positive environments.

Wednesday, Mar. 28
First-Generation Students
Led by Alaina Ryan and Tim Thompson

Come and expand your understanding of first-generation college students. Tim Thompson from ODESS and Alaina Ryan from Student Success will discuss who first-generation students are, why this population requires our attention, and the different intersections that impact these students' identities.  Learn about the services ODESS has to offer first-generation students, and the best practices we as advisors and instructors can use to better support their success.


Monday, Mar. 19 - Friday, Mar. 23
Enjoy Your Break!


Wednesday, Mar. 14 and Thursday, Mar. 15
Adjunct Pot Lucks

You are encouraged to bring a dish to pass for a pot luck lunch on Wednesday, March 14th and Thursday, March 15th.  We'll be in the CTC from 11 - 1 on both days.  Bring your lunch and let's catch up. Sign up sheets will be available in the adjunct offices.

Monday, Mar. 12

An Opportunity for International Collaboration
Led by Angela Martin and Amber Gilewski

Are you interested in bringing real-world international perspectives and experiences to your classroom?

Angela Martin and Amber Gilewski will share their experience “COILing” their courses both this semester and last semester, with partners in Egypt and Morocco.  They will discuss how COIL works, how to become involved, and will include some of their students’ perspectives.

What is COIL? The SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) has developed a model for the creation of co-equal team-taught learning environments where faculty from two cultures work together to develop a shared syllabus, emphasizing experiential and collaborative student learning.

Wednesday, Mar. 7

No Roundtable today. We're all going to the annual International Women's Day panel to hear from our very own international women. Hope you can join us!

Monday, Mar. 5
Advising Undecided and General Studies Students
Led by Alaina Ryan, Alexis Dengel and Hal Brown

Trying to help a student register but feel like you’re pulling teeth determining what classes they are interested in? Ask a student what they want to study and hit that “I don’t know” wall? Have that repeat “customer” who stops by weekly to talk about program and career? You’re not alone, and there are specific strategies you can use to help move your advising appointment along, all the while helping students make crucial decisions. Hal Brown, Alaina Ryan, and Alexis Dengel present on advising undecided or general studies students and the different advising/counseling methods and campus resources that can help you! Get information and find comradery around these often challenging conversations.

Wednesday, Feb. 28
Fulbright 101
Led by David Flaten

Join us for a lunch hour review to learn of all the programs sponsored by Fulbright. More than just a semester abroad, Fulbright has many short-term options to aid campuses in internationalization!

Wednesday, Feb. 21
What Students Want
Led by Anndrea Mathers

Hear from a small, diverse group of students about what specific policies, activities, and assignments help them learn the most. We will also hear from them about the most significant obstacles to learning. If you’ve ever wondered what your students are thinking, come hear from them.

Monday, Feb. 19
What They Carry: Voices Speak the America They Make
Led by Sarah Wolff
One way of responding to the antagonistic perspective on immigration is to consider the vibrant richness that immigrants bring to our lives, our communities, and our nation, and to create a counter narrative which allows a different insight into the place and culture of Haiti, of African nations, of El Salvador and other places recently described as "sh*tholes." Our community here at TC3 is full of individuals who could really articulate a truer, fuller story than the media shows.

This is a call to convene members of the community interested in organizing the collection of these narratives (& images?), with the end of displaying them in the College, most probably the Library walls. The display will go up sometime in the March/April vicinity (maybe immediately following break?).

WHAT: Meeting to organize the creation of the What They Carry display
WHEN: Monday, February 19, at NOON
FOOD: Delicious Filipino fare, both vegan and non-vegan

Four sessions: Monday, Feb.5 - Wednesday, Feb. 14
Three Miles
Led by Christine Iacobucci

For most of us raised and educated in the United States, it can be counterintuitive to look for structural factors influencing seemingly individual decisions. The education system in the US is one of many institutions in which students are praised when they succeed, and blamed when they fail. Are students, even “good” ones, at the mercy of social forces? Or have we lost sight of the importance of individual resilience and grit? This American Life recently rebroadcast “Three Miles,” a story of two high schools in the Bronx: one in the country’s poorest congressional district, and the other, a private elite school three miles away.

To welcome all who’d like to explore the issues that arise when students from these two different schools connect, we’d like to plan our round tables in the following way:
  • Monday, Feb. 5 – Three Miles, Act One: Listen together to 24 minute audio followed by discussion
  • Wednesday, Feb. 7 – Three Miles, Act Two: Listen together to 21 minute audio followed by discussion
  • Monday, Feb. 12 – Round Table discussion of individual and structural factors involved in the story
  • Wednesday, Feb. 14 – Round Table discussion of implications for TC3 students and faculty





We're starting the semester off with a special four-part discussion: