Tompkins Cortland Community College


What's Happening at the CTC?

Our Theme for 2015-16

Teaching, Learning and Racial Justice is our theme for this year. Specifically:

  • How can we, as a faculty, become more conscious of the cultural capital that students of color bring to the classroom?
  • How can we craft pedagogical practices that recognize, affirm, and build on the cultural capital of all students?
  • How might such intentional practice transform the learning of all of our students, and of us, as teachers, as well?


Many, many thank yous to all those who have presented or led discussions at Roundtables this year, and a special thank you to Jill Loop for faithfully collecting feedback from all who attended.

As your thoughts turn toward Fall 2016, please let us know if there is an aspect of teaching that you would like to discuss with your colleagues. That's all it takes to make a Roundtable. Discussion is informal and anyone can lead. No PowerPoint required. Send an e-mail to to schedule a date.

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Connecting, Collaborating and Celebrating the Art of Teaching

Feedback on the CCCAT conference held at TC3 on April 22, 2016, has been very enthusiastic. The CTC Board thanks all who presented, contributed to, and attended. Teachers make it a great conference!

Plans are in the works for next year's conference. Watch this space.

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Mentors & Partners Program

We are excited to welcome four new full-time faculty to our ranks this year. The first priority for our Professional Development Mentors & Partners program is to fund a Mentorship for each new full-time faculty member.

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