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Adjunct Orientation - FAQs

Welcome to Tompkins Cortland Community College's adjunct frequently asked questions list. Here you will find answers to most of your questions. In fact, many of the answers to the following questions can be found in the Teaching Manual (see link on side bar).


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Where can I find important academic dates (drop dates, grade due dates, semester holidays, etc.)?

You can view important academic calendar dates in the online catalog!

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What is myINFO?

myINFO is an online academic tool that is essential to all instructors at Tompkins Cortland. myINFO gives you 'anytime, anywhere' access to your class rosters (past and future semester rosters in addition to current), attendance sheets, and student grades. You must have a myINFO account to submit your grades, download and print attendance rosters and class lists; the college does not provide these services for you - you must do them on your own. Make sure to complete your FERPA form immediately upon hiring so that you receive your account access to myTC3, myINFO and more.

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What is Tompkins Cortland's attendance policy?

Although specific class and daily attendance policies are up to the individual instructor, you are required to complete and submit no-show information (that is, students whose names appear on an official class roster but have never attended) in the second week of each semester through your myINFO account.  Once this initial no-show data has been submitted, faculty are NOT required to report any additional attendance data for their students throughout the remainder of the semester.  However, you are encouraged to maintain personal attendance records for your classes, as many of our colleagues, including counselors, coaches, advisors, financial aid staff, residence hall staff, and student success/advisement coordinators, will continue to rely on attendance information from faculty to sustain efforts that help our students succeed at Tompkins Cortland.

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What do I do if I need to cancel a class?

You should contact the college (ask for the Provost's Office or faculty suite secretaries office) as soon as possible if you must cancel your class (607.844.8211). A notice will be posted on the college website as well as outside the classroom. If the college is closed due to inclement weather, this will be posted on the college website ( If you need to cancel an evening class, please contact the college (607.844.8211) before 2:30 p.m.; if you report the cancellation after that time, it then becomes your responsibility to personally contact your students.

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What radio/tv stations announce Tompkins Cortland closings?

Refer to Tompkins Cortland Emergency Closings and Delays page for a complete list of stations.

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When do I sign my contract?

Your teaching contract will be emailed to your Tompkins Cortland Outlook account within the first week of class. Please respond promptly and as directed for payroll to be processed in a timely manner.

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How do I get an Email account through the college?

Once you sign a FERPA form, a college email will be generated for you. When the account is ready, you will be contacted by Teresa Mix (607.844.8222, Ext. 4349) with directions to access your email account.

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Do I get an office?

Space is available to work between classes or meet with students in the Adjunct Offices, rooms 212 and 243. Locked storage spaces may also be available. Please contact the secretaries in the faculty offices, rooms 220 or 241 regarding locked storage space.

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How do I print out my class rosters?

To view/print your class rosters, you must have an myINFO account (which is obtained by completing the FERPA form). If you already have an myINFO account, log into myINFO and click on the "View Class Lists" link on the blue side bar, then, on the next screen, choose the semester that you wish to view and click the "Submit" button. You may now view/print your class rosters, download/print attendance rosters, and, Email individual students or the class as a whole.

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How do I request a video to show to my class?

You may reserve recording equipment as well as request a video by sending an email request to  Include your course name & section, start & end dates for viewing, and any special considerations (close-captioning, subtitles, etc.) needed.

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Can I have a website for my course?

We highly encourage you to incorporate online components to your in-class courses. For instance, Campus Technology can provide you with an online "course area" where can post your course outline, important web resources, and, conduct online topic discussions. Your students can then access these resources 'anywhere, anytime'. If you would like an online course area, please contact

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Are there any computers on campus that I can use?

You may use the computers in the adjunct office areas or the College Teaching Center (CTC). Please be advised that you will need to abide by the college's computer use policies.

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Can I receive discounts on computer software and hardware through the college?

Campus Technology provides latest information on how to purchase discounted software for home or personal use.

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How can I park in gated Lot #6?

Have your TC3 ID card validated for swiping. Lot #6 is gated for faculty and staff parking on Mondays through Fridays, between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm.

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How can I make photocopies for my classes?

If you wish to do your own photocopying, a card will be issued to you for copying purposes (you may get a card from Teresa Mix, room 229). The copy center and machines are located in room 240. Copiers are also available in the faculty offices. Clerical support by the faculty suite secretaries is given. They can assist you in filling out work orders and will let you know when the work will be completed.

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How do I open an account at the Tompkins Cortland Eatery and Fireside Café?

Once you've completed all of your employment forms for Human Resources you will receive an ID voucher. This voucher will allow you to receive a TC3 ID card that will allow you to create an account for Tompkins Cortland dining services. For more information, please contact the Manager of One Card Program.

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How do I sign-up to use the fitness center facilities?

Tompkins Cortland makes its Fitness Center available to all faculty and students. State-of-the-art equipment includes Trotter treadmills, Tectrix bikes, Tectrix step climbers, Precor Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer, Galileo Selectorized Weight Trainer, and a Badger Magnum Advantage Trainer. For more information, contact the fitness center coordinator, at 607.844.6555. >> more info

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Can I use the Tompkins Cortland pool?

All students and staff have free access to swimming in the College's competition size pool. Please be aware that you may only use the pool during open swim times. For more information on pool hours and programs, contact Highlighted should be changed to Alfred Okaru, at 607.844.8222, Ext. 4495. >> more info

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Where do I get supplies (blank gradebooks, blue exam books, pencils)?

The faculty suite secretaries will be able to help you with obtaining supplies for your teaching.

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