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Adjunct Orientation - Instructor Checklist

Thank you for visiting the College's Instructor (Adjunct) Checklist Web site. I am sure that as you navigate this site you will encounter a wealth of information about the services and people who will support you in your studies/work at Tompkins Cortland Community College.

We are very proud of the vibrant learning community at Tompkins Cortland. The recent additions of new degree programs, greater options for on-line learning, new faculty, residence halls and athletic programs have added to what has long been a leader among New York's community colleges. We exist to serve the learning needs of our students, and we look forward to your joining our learning community.

Carl M. Penziul
Dean of Instruction

What follows is a set of checklists that will assist you in getting set to work as an adjunct instructor. You may also refer to the Adjunct Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document if you do not find the information you need below.

Submit Your Network/Data Access Form
(Request for Access to Restricted Data)

Contact: Teresa Mix
Office of the Dean of Instruction (Room 229)
844.8222, Ext. 4349
Email Teresa

You must submit your Network/Data Access form to be able to receive an Active Directory username and password. This username gives you access to:

  • use the adjunct office computers,
  • a college Outlook email account,
  • MyTC3 – where you can download class lists, enter grades/attendance and download attendance rosters, and
  • Blackboard

Obtain an Outlook Email Account

Contact: Teresa Mix
Office of the Dean of Instruction (Room 229)
844.8222, Ext. 4349

Email is the primary method of communication between you and the college community; your participation in this community is essential. It is important to understand that your teaching contract will be emailed to this account, and you must check this account regularly. The completion of your Network/Data Access Form will initiate the set-up of your college email account.

Complete Employment Paperwork

Contact: Sharon Dovi
Director of Human Resources
844.8222, Ext. 4440
Email Sharon

Once the semester begins, you should complete all of your employment forms with Human Resources (W4, etc.). Upon completion, you will receive an ID slip to obtain your TC3 card.

Obtain a TC3 Card

Contact: Tova Sturmer,
Director of Campus Card Systems
844.8222, Ext. 4284
Email Tova

Once you've completed all of your employment forms for Human Resources you will receive an ID voucher. This voucher will allow you to receive a TC3 card and more. Please see the TC3 Card brochure (or go to for more information. You will need to bring a current photo ID (driver’s license, etc.) to the TC3 Card Office, Room 110, for your card.

To-Do List (During Semester)

Attend Adjunct Orientation

Check dates for current semester sessions through the Dean of Instruction’s office.

The adjunct orientation usually occurs during the first week of each full semester. During the orientation you will have the opportunity to meet other adjunct faculty, as well as important staff of the college. Food and drink will be provided.

Check both the College portal and mail folder (located in the adjunct office-Room 122) at least weekly throughout the semester. College staff or students may leave correspondence for you here.

Review the College Teaching Manual for policies and procedures.

Submit Course Outlines to Dean of Instruction

All course outlines must be turned in to the Dean of Instruction's office, Room 229, within the first two weeks of each semester. These outlines are kept on file for reference and review.

Submit your office hours to the secretary in the adjunct office, room 122.

You should schedule at least one office hour per week for each section you teach in order to be available to students for extra assistance.

Attend College Teaching Center (CTC) Open House

Further information will be shared via your email address during the semester.

Attend Roundtable Discussions

During the semester the College Teaching Center (CTC) sponsors noon-hour 'Roundtable' discussions for all faculty and staff twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. These sessions are often based on pedagogical issues.

Submit Attendance/Grades

Academic Records will email you with attendance/grade submission deadlines. You will enter your attendance/grades using myTC3. Please check your email often so you don’t miss a deadline.