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Form 1098-T Information

The IRS requires all Colleges and Universities to prepare form 1098-T for students who were billed for credit courses during the past year. These students (or their parents) may be eligible to take either a tuition and fee deduction or claim an educational credit on their tax return.

TC3 contracts with an outside agency (ACS) to process the 1098T forms electronically. Until the first of January, students will have the ability to opt-in to an electronic delivery of the form. Otherwise a form will be sent to them in the mail. Whether a form is mailed electronically or on paper, students will have the ability to go online to print their 1098-T form.

ACS also provides a call center for questions about the 1098T tax form. The toll free number to contact them is 1-877-467-3821. For more information about the 1098T tax form and the electronic opt-in program, please visit the ACS web site. If students have questions specifically regarding their tuition statement and account at TC3, they can access this information online through myInfo, accessed through myTC3, or contact the Enrollment Services Center.