Tompkins Cortland Community College


Tompkins Cortland Diversity Plan


“Diversity enriches our learning We embrace diversity in all of its contexts, including strengths, perspectives, and people We seek to increase our capacity to understand issues of difference, power and privilege, and to constructively resolve conflict.”
(from Tompkins Cortland Mission, Vision, Values, Goals)

In this college-wide diversity plan, the term “diversity” refers to all the ways we differ as individuals and groups, and Tompkins Cortland Community College is committed to respecting, embracing, and celebrating those differences We firmly believe that as a learning community dedicated to educational excellence, our students, faculty, and staff benefit from recognizing and understanding human differences as community strengths that foster global citizenship, cultural literacy, and appreciation of the inter-connectedness of human endeavor Tompkins Cortland is committed to making diversity central to what we do, the decisions we make, and the policies we establish.

The Tompkins Cortland Diversity Action Plan is intended to guide college-wide efforts over the next five years The four major diversity goals will be achieved through a set of more specific action steps laid out for each goal Responsibility for each action step is assigned to the appropriate college administrator, department, or unit that will then be accountable for designing and implementing a plan to achieve progress on that action step The responsible administrator or department will also establish methods to measure progress and success in achieving the action step These success indicators will be shared in annual reports from each responsible department, and the results will inform each unit’s diversity plans for the following year as progress is made toward each major diversity goal.

We understand that progress on these goals and action steps is currently at various stages across the college In some areas, this work is well underway and has produced concrete results, while the efforts in other areas are in early stages that have yet to bear fruit It is not our goal to set artificial metrics for these diversity goals, but we are committed to holding ourselves accountable for achieving them and for making them an accepted and understood lens through which we view who we are and what we do.