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Letter to Participants

The CollegeNow Online program is the culmination of years of partnership between Tompkins Cortland and the high schools in our local area. Through our in-school concurrent enrollment program and our other efforts to partner with local high schools, we have come to understand the needs of high schools and their students in Upstate New York. Annually, Tompkins Cortland touches the lives of over 5,000 high school students by enrolling them in one of our programs.

Driven by the prestige and expertise of the largest university system in the United States, CollegeNow offers high school students a seamless pathway into their college education and offers parents opportunities for support and growth.

  • Students are able to take these courses to achieve savings on college costs and a head start on the college transition.
  • Visit our website for an example of how some high school students in our area have been able to graduate high school with over 30 college credits they earned through the Concurrent Enrollment program.
  • These courses are taught online by college faculty and are open to college students along with qualified high school juniors and seniors.
  • Courses are offered at a reduced tuition and carry full college credit from Tompkins Cortland. This reduction recognizes the high school’s role in providing a mentor and advising services.
  • You may work with your high school to have these courses approved for high school credit toward graduation. Work with your advisor to obtain approval from your principal.
  • These online courses follow the College's academic calendar - not the high school's calendar. If students are contemplating enrolling in one of these courses, please note that our fall semester normally starts earlier than most high schools, and high school students are required to start the online class on the college schedule. There may also be differences between the College's vacation and semester breaks and those on high school calendars.
  • CollegeNow Online requires a school-based mentor. This can be a counselor or a high school teacher who is willing to commit to this job.

We invite you to challenge yourself and set your sights high for your future. Use this opportunity to create a more demanding and interesting capstone to your high school experience – and to get a head start on your college career. Just think of the possibilities you could create.

The CollegeNow staff looks forward to working with you this year.

Victoria Zeppelin
Director of CollegeNow