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170 North St, P.O. Box 139, Dryden, NY 13053

607.844.8222, Ext. 4396
888.567.8211, Ext. 4396
607.844.6535 (fax)
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Homeschooled Students

Program Description

The CollegeNow office welcomes homeschooled students and their families and serves as the TC3 point of contact for high school-aged homeschooled students. At TC3, students are able to supplement their homeschool curriculum with college-credit courses both on the TC3 campuses and online to meet their individualized home education goals. Homeschooled students are able to enroll at TC3 as non-matriculated students and earn college-credit for some or all of their remaining high school requirements.

Homeschooled students who have already fulfilled their high school requirements— either by earning a “letter of substantial equivalency” from their district’s superintendent, completing the 24-credit hour program, or passing the GED or TASC — should work with the TC3 Admissions Office to apply as matriculated students.