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Early Degree

What began as an inquiry from a couple of Cortland High School students who wanted to know if they could graduate from high school with their Associate's degree has developed into three students doing just that and another half dozen on the same track. Early Degree students combine concurrent enrollment with CollegeNow Online and occasionally on-campus courses to earn the required credits for an Associate's degree.

Early Degree Graduates

Marlyss Darrow

Marlyss Darrow

"At first I was very nervous about being overwhelmed with all the different due dates. But I quickly developed a system of organization, and since then it has been a breeze."

HS Diploma in June 2010, Associate's Degree in August 2010, Rochester Institute of Technology - PA program

Marlyss was offered sophomore or junior status in a 5 year PA program, but chose to go in as a sophomore. She is in the Honors program and is the first RIT student to have a 4.0 as a PA student in the Honors program.

Marissa Mastronardi

Marissa Mastronardi

"I like to make the most of my time, and when I realized how many credits I already had just through taking concurrent enrollment courses, I thought 'why not complete a degree?'"

HS Diploma in June 2010, Associate's Degree in August 2010, Clarkson - Business

Marissa was admitted as a junior and will be going for her MBA in the Fall of 2012. Even though she was admitted as a junior, she still had four years of athletic eligibility and will be playing collegiate sports while working on her MBA.

Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark

"It was an unbelievable experience and accomplishment to achieve so much in a short time. The CollegeNow program is incredible; by taking college classes online while still in high school, I feel more confident about my intellectual abilities and more prepared for my future collegiate endeavors. It was definitely beneficial for me to do the extra work in order to earn an associate's degree at the same time I was working towards obtaining my high school diploma."

HS Diploma in June 2011, Associate's Degree in August 2011, LeMoyne - Biology (pre-med)

For more information on how to make Early Degree work for you or your students:

Victoria Zeppelin, 607-844-8222, ext. 4328 or
Rhonda Kowalski, 607-844-8222, ext. 4396 or