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Catalog 2017-18

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Seager, Brandon

Assistant Professor, Wine Marketing

Brandon Seager is the Chair of the Wine Marketing program at Tompkins Cortland. Midway through his first career in Mechanical Engineering, the wine bug bit in the early 2000’s, and Brandon decided to pursue a graduate degree at Cornell University, and enter the wine industry. Starting as a Cellar Rat under the mentorship of one of the Finger Lakes’ finest winemakers, he worked his way up the ranks of Cellar Master, Assistant Winemaker, and Winemaker.

Brandon’s real passion is bringing the wine to the masses, and he now celebrates that exuberance in his role as an educator of the future professionals of the local and global wine industry. He enjoys traveling to the world’s wine regions to experience their wines in context. It’s fundamentally easier to understand wine when it’s tasted at origin.

We live in a global society now, but fine wines express their sense of place in a way that reminds us we all have a unique story to tell.

Tompkins Cortland's Farm-to-Bistro program is visionary as an education based on how food and beverages grown in this place are meant to be enjoyed together. Food and wine are great anywhere, but food and wine from the Finger Lakes are extraordinary. We are blessed and lucky to live smack dab in the middle of a gustatory bounty. As a consummate supporter of New York wines, Brandon believes that the momentum of the Finger Lakes makes this the most exciting place in the wine world at this time. Brandon is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm and translating his knowledge to student success in the industry.

When not teaching, tasting, or thinking about wines, Brandon enjoys time at home with his family, traveling, and embracing his role as new-millennial bon vivant.

He is currently training his dog to sniff out wine faults, rather unsuccessfully so far.



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