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Free for all Tompkins Cortland students, staff, and faculty (requires sign up with or

Can use alternate, non-Tompkins Cortland email once signed up.

Supports both regular commutes and one-time trips.

Login through Facebook allowed if you are identified as part of the Tompkins Cortland network.

Set up rides as driver, passenger, or both.

Privacy settings allow you to hide your exact street address, your phone number, or your email address.

Advanced scheduling provides for different commute times for each day of the week.

Can show a price with your ride for what you expect to receive or pay for the ride. Payment terms can vary such as per ride, per week, etc.

Rides can be listed exclusively to the Tompkins Cortland community.zimride

Increase your chances of a ride match especially for one-time trips by also listing your ride with the Ithaca College and Cornell University communities, or also with the Tompkins County community.

How to get started

Go to TC3 Zimride, a portal of Tompkins Zimride.

Select the Sign Up! button.

Fill out your account information (be sure to use your Tompkins Cortland email address to get started).

Check your mail and select the authorization link.

Get started with Zimride by adding in your commute information OR skip to adding your profile information. You can add a ride or update your profile at any time.

Note: This site is not controlled or managed by Tompkins Cortland. Be responsible when planning to share rides.