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Olu Roberts

A pathway to the futureOlu Roberts

Olu Roberts was working as a home health care aide in the Dryden area when his client, noticing Olu’s proficiency with computers, suggested that he further develop those skills and pursue a college education.

"He really encouraged me to look at Tompkins Cortland Community College," Olu says. "And I agreed, I knew I needed to do something I wanted to do, not just to work for the sake of working."

The 35-year-old native of Jamaica by way of Florida is a now a full-time student at the College, as well as a Pathways Scholar and student worker. Oddly enough, while he started in computer science, he’s since moved on to Biotechnology.

"When I first went for my GED in Florida, they told me I didn’t need it, really, that I had scored high enough on the tests," he says. "But I knew I needed to brush up on things to be ready for college. So I did that in two months, and then came here.

"I took some computer courses; but, honestly I didn’t want to go through all of the basics again that I already knew. I really wanted a new challenge, so I switched to Biotech."

Olu says he is primarily interested in agricultural applications for biotech. He is considering transfer to a number of four-year schools, with hopes of providing agricultural expertise in his home country in the future.