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Board of Trustees Friend of the College Award

The Board of Trustees of Tompkins Cortland Community College intends to recognize the contributions of members of the community through an annual award known as "Friend of the College Award." This award is to be presented to individuals who have provided exceptional service to the College.

2017 Barbara Lifton, James Seward
2016 None
2015 Sandy Price
2014 None
2013 Joanne Florino
2013 Joanne Florino
2012 Carol Kammen
2011 Beverly Baker, William Raynor
2010 Robert Baxter
2009 Arthur Kuckes
2008 Roger Wood
2007 Lucille Baker
2006 Mike Lane
2005 None
2004 Ronald Dougherty
2003 Harley Albro
2002 Jean McPheeters
2001 Virginia Swartwout
2000 None
1999 Dr. Corey
1998 Sandy Gay
1997 Marty Luster
1996 Ronald Space
1995 James Clark
1994 Nick Renzi
1993 Fred Martin
1992 Arlene Sadd
1991 Robert Bruce
1990 Barbara Clark
1989 Robert Sprole, Sr.
1988 Ralph Jordan
1987 Manley Thaler

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