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Campus Maps

Floor Plans

Floor plans complete with classroom numbers and room descriptions is available on Google. Once in map view on Google, clicking on a building makes room numbers visible.

First Floor Room Numbers

Floor Plan - activate map
To activate room numbers, click an unlabeled area (left image) in the building space. You may need to click twice before the room numbers appear (right image). Select the Athletics Facility area to see a floor plan for that building.

Second Floor Room Numbers

floor plans - second floor
Use the numbered floor selector (left image) in the bottom right corner of the map to switch to the second floor (right image).

Note: Due to current building renovations, some parts of the floor plan do not reflect the current room assignments. The floor plans will be updated at the completion of the renovation.

Campus Maps


View Campus Map PDF

Interactive Campus Tour

Interactive Tour


See the TC3 campus in a whole new way with the student-produced Interactive Campus Tour. Created by New Media student Matt Oswald as part of an academic project during the fall 2014 semester, the tour takes you through the skies around campus and down the halls of some of the buildings. Come enjoy a new perspective and see how beautiful our campus is, even during construction!

Tips for play and download

The animation is 1280 by 700 pixels and may exceed some browser screen dimensions. Use the browser controls to shrink the view until the text below the animation is visible.

While on the tour, pick your destination (one of the highlighted areas of campus). Then sit back and enjoy the view. You will always be able to go back and see every part of the tour.

When downloading, the file will load in its entirety to enhance performance. A progress bar will indicate the level of completion during the load.

Campus Cameras