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Book Deferrals Available

To see if you have a book deferral follow the below instructions.
• Log in to your MyTC3 account
• Click the My Info tab
• Select Finances • Select Financial Aid
• Select the appropriate academic year and click the Go button (ex. 2012-2013 academic year is 2012)
• Scroll down the page , here you will see a book deferral heading. If you have a book deferral available to you it will show the beginning amount here.

* * This shows the maximum amount of book deferral that is available to you and does not reflect any charges or returns you may have already done with the bookstore. This amount is calculated based on the number of credits you are enrolled in and the amount of anticipated financial aid you have that is above and beyond any charges due to the College.

Deferrals are available through Wednesday, September 17 during bookstore hours.