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CollegeNow students

Who are CollegeNow students?

CollegeNow students are high school students who are ready to earn college credit by taking challenging concurrent enrollment courses offered at their high schools, or online courses offered through the CollegeNow Online program.

Why should I take college credit?

  • To prepare for college by starting the transition to college level work.
  • To strengthen your college application.
  • To earn advanced standing at your college. Some students have graduated with more than 30 college credits.
  • To shorten the time it would take to complete your college degree or to allow you to have a lighter load your first two semesters at college.
  • To explore your career interest - this works especially well with our CollegeNow Online courses.

What courses are offered for concurrent enrollment at my high school?

Every high school offers a different set of concurrent enrollment courses. Check out our list of course offerings by school to see what your options are.

Is concurrent enrollment transferable?

Concurrent enrollment gives you college credit with a college transcript. As part of the State University of New York (SUNY), credits earned through Tompkins Cortland Community College are highly transferable to colleges and universities around the nation. Our transcripts do NOT specially mark these courses as "concurrent enrollment". Your instructor has had their credentials reviewed against college standards, and our faculty has approved the curriculum. High school teachers are adjuncts, teaching the same material, with the same textbooks, to the same standards that we use here on campus. Your transcript will not distinguish between a course taken at the high school campus or on the main campus here in Dryden.

What online courses can I take?

Through our CollegeNow Online program, high school juniors and seniors are offered access to the College's regular online courses. Juniors and seniors at participating NYS high schools that sign up through their guidance office are eligible for a reduced tuition rate. If you would like to use these courses for high school credit, they will need to be approved by your high school principal - we do not guarantee this approval. A full list of available courses is published in the CollegeNow Online catalog.


Accredited NACEP
Accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships