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Tutor Appreciation Week

Here's what our tutees said to us (and about us) during international tutor appreciation week! We can help you too!

The tutors helped me think about how to ask questions in class!  Thanks!


Drop-in tutoring is an extremely valuable resource for everyone at TC3!

I truly appreciate the time and effort of the writing tutors.  They continue doing an excellent job!!

I appreciate my fellow tutors because they make my job enjoyable and I learn from them every day.

After tutoring, my essay, summary and other writing assignments improved and now I get better grades!

They took the time to really explain the problems, and didn’t get frustrated when I still didn’t understand.

The Tutors Rock.

They are fantastic, helpful and build confidence.  Thank you!

I strongly appreciate their patience and willingness to help others – especially when you don’t understand something and they go the extra mile to better your understanding.  J

Tutors is good!

I loved the personalities of the tutors! I was treated with the utmost respect.

Yes I do appreciate the tutors!  I wouldn’t be able to do my HW otherwise!

Great Job!!  I love my tutors!

Well I failed a math quiz, then after getting tutoring and taking the retake I passed with more than 80%, up from 35%!

Margaret, Simon, Jesse, Alex and everyone else who’s helped me when I’m ready to pull out my hair: you are amazing and wonderful!!!  I would be much less happy & my GPA would be a lot lower without you!

Without Steven, I’d still hate Math and never pass.

Margaret is great.

Without the Tutoring Center I would have really struggled with my class this semester.
Thank you guys!!!

I could not get through Math without this center.

I liked that the tutor broke things down for me when I didn’t understand it too well.

The tutors are all awesome.  They have done so much to help me for my Accounting Class.  I think they should all be taken out to dinner to the restaurant of their choice by the school.

I like the way they have helped me learn, the way they explain things!!

The tutor explained things in the way I understood.


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